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18" 460mm Electric 3-in-1 Scorer Perforator Paper Creasing Machine

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18" 460mm Electric 3-in-1 Scorer Perforator Paper Creasing Machine

- This YH460E New Electrical Creasing  Machine is compact, steady and high efficiency, which can  do creasing (or scoring), cutting and perforating the dotted line of paper coupon. It is fit for the creasing or perforations  for cards, invitations, book covers, tickets, RSVP replies. The indentation will be clear, plump and not broken.

This Electric Creaser which saves both time and labour is applied to printing  shops, professional service providers, offices as well as individual users.

- All metal constructions for commercial  and professional uses
- Easy to align with 2 mechanical side  guides
- Long lasting steel dies for best  creasing/scoring/perforating effects
- Extended paper panel for more paper requirement.
- Use synchronous belt, more stable
- Easily engage or disengage any die
- Easily adjust depth of creasing and  perforation

- Speed: Fixed
- Maximum Paper Width: 18" / 460mm
- Paper Thickness: 0.039" / 1mm
- Crease Depth: Adjustable
- Perforate/Crease/Cut Width: 0.039" / 1mm
- Creasing Track Number: 2
- Power Supply: 110V, 60Hz or 220V
- Paper Feed: One piece at a time
- Package Size: 21" x 14 "x 9" / 540 x 370 x 230 mm
- Package Weight: Approx. 27lbs

Package included:
- 1 x Electrical Creasing Machine
- 1 x Sawtooth perforating die
- 1 x Cutting die
- 2 x Rubber rollers for paper pressing
- 4 x Creasing dies 
- 1 x Operation Manual
- 1 x Power Cord

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