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2016 Version Launch X431 V+ ScanPad PRO3 Diagnostic Scanner Tool Tablet Global

Price: $1,429.34
SKU: 126281
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2016 Version Launch X431 V+ ScanPad PRO3 Diagnostic Scanner Tool Tablet Global

LAUNCH X431 V+ achieves communication between DBSCar connector and intelligent mobile terminal by Bluetooth.

Get LAUNCH X431 V+ for 6 reasons
1. High configuration of hardware , Android System,fast operating spped
2. 10.1 inch multi touch capacitor screen gives you better view of diagnose and data stream.
3. Supports 72 car brands from USA, European, Asian and so on.
4. Disgnose through wifi/Bluetooth and update by one click, bring more convenience to your update.
5. Multi-Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
6. Original package from LAUNCH with full time technical service and guarantee.

X431 V+ allows you to share maintenance data with case library under the help of mobile Internet,provides instant maintenance information,
building public and private maintenance social circle,etc.So it will bring you to a wider car diagnose community.
With its Multi-touch capacitor screen and unique operation interface design, you can operate more smoothly and easily.
X431 V+ has a portable and reasonable PDA design, which is easy to carry
X431 V+ also has numerous additional functions,such as Photo, video, multimedia, other software application,etc.

You do not need to download software to memory card, just upadte by one click through your machine directly.
You can check by yourself on official website to see whether this tool fits your car

What are the advantanges of X431 V+
1. HUAWEI HiSilicon Quod-core 1.2G HZ, speed faster.
2. 1GB memory and 8GB storage for data.
3. Contain 72 car brand from USA, European, Asia and so on.
4. Support wifi/bluetooth and one click update, make your update job much easier.
5. 6600mAh Li battery can let you continue work 8 hours.
6. HUAWEI HiSilicon Quod-core 1.2G HZ, speed faster.
7. Original goods with full time technical service and guarantee.
8. 1 inch multi touch capacitor screen give you better view for diagnose and data stream.

- Panel PC: High configuration of hardware , fast running speed
- Capacitor Screen: Multi-touch capacitor screen, more smooth operation
- WIFI Diagnosis: Wireless communication between intelligent mobile terminal and DBSCar connector via Bluetooth
- Portable: Reasonable PDA design, small size for easy carry
- Optimized Interface: Brand new operation interface design, interface more friendly and operation much easier
- Wifi communication: Support WIFI network
- Android System: Users can install and Android software
- Numerous Additional Functions: Photo, video, multimedia, other software application,etc.

Pannel Computer Parameters:
- CPU: HUAWEI HiSilicon Quod-core 1.2G HZ
- Screen:10.1 inch Multi touch capacitor Screen
- Screen Resolution:1280X800
- Operation system:Android4.0
- Memory:1G
- Storage:8GB
- Battery:Polymer Lithium-ion battery, 6600mAh
- Camera :0.3M pixels front , rear 3.2M pixels
- Operating Temperature :0°C~+45°C
- Storage Temperature :-10°C~+45°C

DBSCar Connector Parameters:
- Connection: Standard OBDII Interface, Micro USB 2.0
- Typical Power Consumption:(12V)Static current 25 mA,
- Overall unit average current 35 mA
- Working Temperature: - 20 °C~6 0°C
- Storage Temperature: -30°C~70°C
- Dimension: L * W * H = 48 mm * 24 mm * 32 mm
- Unit Weight: 26 g
- Working Voltage: powered by vehicle battery, DC 9V-15V

Package included:
- 1x X431 V+ American host
- 1x Connectors(1PCS for each kind)

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