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Fructose Dispenser Fructose Quantitative Machine Bubble Tea Equipment

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Fructose Dispenser Fructose Quantitative Machine Bubble Tea Equipment

Uses the entire stainless steel automatic detection system.:
1. Start intelligent cruise detection.
2. Can automatically display the number of cups and zero.
3 .Automatic quantitative filling.
4 .Computerized flow setting, feasible set.
- Fructose quantitative machine adopts photoelectric automaticdetection, other filling quantitative accuracy, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to use.
- Novice easy operation.
- Containers, pipes using food grade materials, clean health.
- For sugar, sugar 0.5-3 seconds.
- Computerized flow setting, executable set.
- Simple operation, touch of a button.

- The appearance of good conditions and beautiful appearance.
- Good sanitary conditions and not easy to fall into the dust andflies, do not fall into the debris.
- Sugar quantitative accuracy using the motor speed counting, sugar quantitative accuracy.
- To fast - to sugar in sugar 0.5-3 seconds without waiting for.
- Simple - by microcomputer panel design stick out a mile, you do not have to spend time learning, according to their custom setting of sugar.
- Scope of application.
- Ice shop, pearl milk tea shop, coffee bar, coffee shops and other widely used.

- Power: 280W
- Voltage: 220V or 110V
- Capacity: 8.5 liters
- Net weight:10KG
- Size: 260 * 365 * 410
- Filling volume: 5-250CC
- Fructose error:- 1 ~ 2C.C ml, G
- Application: fructose syrup sugar syrup

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