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24" Redsail Vinyl Sign Sticker Cutter Plotter with Contour Cut Function Machine

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24" Redsail Vinyl Sign Sticker Cutter Plotter with Contour Cut Function Machine

 Low cost and high performance machine for the manufacture of signaling.
- Controlled by RISC high-speed processor, a high speed cache.
- It can regulate the pressure and speed numerically at real-time.
- It supports CorelDraw files,  bringing great convenience to work.
- The cutting plotter is highly stable and has nearly no malfunctions.
- It has a stylish design and very solid support.
- The cutting plotter has LCD with a very accurate and simple English Menu, operated it by pressing buttons.
- The plotter’s pinch rollers are adjustable.
- Item ID: 2282

- Unique soft impact cutter
- This cutting plotter adopts the latest numerical technology, which creates a new concept of cutting.
- It has a perfect output: there's no saw tooth even when using high speed.
- It doesn't shake while cutting.
- The paper stays in place when using rolls of media.
- Save money for you.
- Smooth cutting
- It is very convenient and can be achieved fast.
- The cutting plotter is easy to operate.

Locknut holder's shell close screw blade
On the working state, the knife can rotate in holder very smoothly. In the first time you can screw the "close screw" off the "holder's shell", set the blade into bottom of holder, then close the "close screw" to avoid the knife falling out, let the knife peep out of the holder less than 0.5mm. When you want to change the blade, take out the old blade, change a new one, then close the" close screw", keep the blade peep out of the holder less than 0.5mm. (The locknut will not screw, usually).

Close screw Holder shell Plotting pen.
You can use usual ball pen as plotting pen; keep the ball pen peep out of the holder between 4mm and 5mm. the other using method is similar as blade's process; please try it yourself according to the blade's changing method.

The structure of floor stand

Package included:

- 1x Cutting plotter         
- 1x Win PCSign basic 2009 version plotting software   
- 1x USB cable            
- 1x Power cable           
- 3x Cutting blades       
- 1x Blade holder         
- 1x Pen holder             
- 1x User manual (CD)        
- 1x Coat for the Plotter   
- 1x Deluxe Aluminum Stand   
- 1x Screw for stand        

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