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24W Aquarium Electronic Salinity and Ph value on-line meter and Monitor 2 probe

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24W Aquarium Electronic Salinity and Ph value on-line meter and Monitor 2 probe

- 24-hour monitoring of the salinity of the tank (Unit: per thousand, with a specific gravity of
the brine concentration comparison table) and pH, salinity meter behind two small suction cups,
easily fixed or disassembled.
-pH probe pen interface is a common interface, which could be swapped with other brands. And
is lengthened, it can be easily inserted into the calcium reactor and other equipment.
- Built-in lithium battery can be used after filling with matching rectifier
-Blue LED Light on display~
-All in one design, include PH Pen/Probe and Calibration

- Range: PH 0.00 - 14.00PH
- Salinit : 0.00 - 100.0ppt
- Resolution: PH 0.01PH
- Salinity 0.1ppt
- Accuary PH+-0.1PH
- Salinity +-2%F.S
- Calibration: 1 point
- Power :230V AC 5.6V .100mA or Rechargeable Battery
- Size : 8 x 5.3 x2cm
- Opperating Conditions : 5- 60 Degree Humidity 95% maxium
- Power 24W

How to use
1. Power adapter and PH electrode, the charging switch to the "DC" file, NO Tap on the panel / OFF
switch, turn on the power
2. Tap "LIGHT" switch, illuminated backlit screen
3. Remove the protective cap PH electrode, the electrode PH and salinity (or TDS) electrode is inserted
into the test solution. Electrode insertion solution for 3 to 5 cm is appropriate, the electrode can be used
in the glass wall of the sucker fixed
4. Gently shake a few electrodes, do not let the bubbles on the electrodes, otherwise affect the measurement accuracy
5. Wait for the display value is stable, read the display

Salinity units are ppm, specific gravity is the digital optical Lane displayed on the right,
the corresponding proportion shown at left.

Package Included:
- 1 set water quality instrunment

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