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250W Lead-free Stainless Steel Solder Furnace Melting Soldering Pot

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250W Lead-free Stainless Steel Solder Furnace Melting Soldering Pot

- 100% Brand New and High Quality
- Using high quality stainless steel solder pot, with a high temperature, acid, abrasion resistance, non-stick tin, tin oxide surface less so; tin less, less power consumption, energy saving, long life
- Easy to use, thermal effects, tin melting fast
- Effective insulation technology to shorten the melting of tin time, improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption
- The pot made of high precision stainless steel, with good heat exchange;
- Nonpolar adjusting knob easy to use;
- Can be heated empty even without tin in it;
- Initial use tin stove, electric core of a small amount of smoke is normal

1. When used at the first time, this electric heating core could smoke a little, this is normal.
2. Before using, please make sure the power source contains a "ground wire", working without that is not allowed.

- Power: 250W
- Temperature : 200-480 ℃
- Pot Diameter: 80mm
- Net Weight: 1kg
- Tin pot Material: imported stainless steel plate

Package Included:
- 1x Soldering pot

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