3mm Yellow LED Emitters Lamps (20-Pack)

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3mm Yellow LED Emitters Lamps (20-Pack) 3mm Yellow LED Emitters Lamps (20-Pack)

3MM Yellow diffused LED Emitters Lamps 50-Pack

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3mm Yellow LED Emitters Lamps (20-Pack)

The Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are so small and won't "junk up" your vehicle or detract from its attractive look. Use your vehicles chrome, polished aluminum and paint to bounce and reflect light to provide illumination just where you want it. Itstruly a Visual Effect!

LED only use milliamps of power (unlike neon that uses full amperage and drains your battery quickly) so they can be used as show lighting as well as safety lighting without running down your battery. You can leave them on all the time, and it will not drain your battery life.

- Premium Quality Yellow LED Emitters
- Commonly used in Yellow illumination for night vision equipments and applications
- 3mm LED diameter
- 50 emitters packed in
- Emitted Colour : Yellow
- Lens Colour : Yellow
- Forward Voltage (V) : 1.8 ~ 2.2
- Reverse Current (uA) : <= 30
- Luminous Intensity Typ IV (mcd) : 50(Typical) ~ 100(Max)

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