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5in1 12" Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine Air Compressor Bubble Remover Autoclave White HZ-AK

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5in1 12" Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine Air Compressor Bubble Remover Autoclave White HZ-AK

This brand new 5-in-1 Laminating Machine includes bubble remover machine, laminating machine, built-in air pump, built-in air compressor and built-in mould. It can settle the most work in mobile phone assemble for you, you don't need any other built-out air pump and compressor, we have equipped them in this item. We have equipped the bubble remover machine separately in this latest one, you can remove the air bubble separately after you finish the laminating procedure. Please keep the lamination chamber clean and NO sharp objects such as broken glass slag.

Safety Symbols:
When the safety symbol is lost or can't be seen clearly, you should purchase the corresponding safety symbol from our company, paste them, while changing the new parts, new parts should have safety logo that conforms to the rules.

Notices of the Equipment:
- This equipment could only be operated, maintained or repaired by people familiar with equipment performance and relevant safety operation knowledge.
- Before using, the equipment must be reliable grounding, and the leakage protector must be installed by professional person.
- This equipment has 2.5mm copper line and above 15A knife switch.
- It is forbidden to open the upper cover when the start light on.
- It is forbidden to clean, maintain the equipment until it is stopped completely.
- It is forbidden to set the temperature control up more than 60 ºC.

Process (Pressure Screen) Notes:
- Keep the glass on the top when place the screen, any other way is wrong
- When the back of the LCD screen has a protuberant uneven row line, it is needed to be flattened before fitting.
- Process before pressing ( place glass on the lcd which with oca; avoid to blcok off the air between glass and  LCD; In support cover place mat thickness 4-5 sheets.

Maintenance Matters Notes:
- Check if the appliance is normal before starting it.
- Check  whether there is any foreign object on working chamber  before starting work, clean up in time if there is any.
- Tighten the fixing-nuts and add lubricating oil 1 time each quarter.
- Common Troubles and Troubleshooting Methods

Application: This machine is suitable for the mobile which screen’s size is 12 inch or below.

- No module needed, no debubbling process needed.
- Press to boot, easy operation.
- It is smart constant pressure; automatic shift to the lamination and debubbling mode.
- Connect the power supply can be used; built-in vacuum pump and air compressor.
- Use for all the touch screen phones under 12 inch
- All in 1 machine,built In vacuum pump and air compressor. No need mold, no need remove bubbles
- Smart Contorl Pressure; press different screen together at the same time.
- One button start, laminating and bubble removing together. All automatic machine.
- Adopt advanced intelligent protection system, safe and reliable
- Humanized design, precise input, more convenient operation
- Standalone cooling window and heat protection design, more rapid heat dissipation
- Customized vacuum pump, no need to exchange oil, more durable
- Adopt advanced silence technology, thus making nearly no sound in laminating process

- Condition: Brand new
- Color: White
- Voltage: 110V or 220V 15A
- Power: 1500W
- Working nenvironment: 20-30C,clean and no dust
- Lamination method: Plate type lamination
- Working efficiency: 5pcs/10mins
- Heating method Adapt size: Constant heating under 12"
- Equipment size: 420 x 350 x 330mm ( 16.5" x 13.8" x 13" )
- Equipment weight: 32kg ( 70.5lbs )
- Packing size: 510 x 460 x 430mm ( 20" x 18.1" x 16.9" )
- Packing weight: 43kg ( 94.8lbs )

Package included:
- 1 X 5-in-1 Laminating Machine
- 1 X Power Supply Line
- 1 X User's Manual
- 1 X Mold for Iphone 4
- 1 X Mold for Iphone 5s
- 1 X Mold for Iphone 6
- 1 X Mold for Iphone 6 plus

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