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60V 1500W Electric Bicycle Brushless Speed Motor Controller for E-bike & Scooter

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60V 1500W Electric Bicycle Brushless Speed Motor Controller for E-bike & Scooter

- Suitable for electric bicycle & scooter,Mechanical or electric forklift etc.
- Features:Three-speed;Anti-theft;E-ABS;Astern
- Rated Voltage: 60Volts
- Rated Power: 1500 Watts
- Phase Angle: self-study
- Throttle Voltage:1.1-4.2V
- Brake level:High/Low
- Under Voltage Protection: 52 Volts±0.5v
- 3 phase 60° or 120° brushless motor.
- Operating Conditions: -40~80 C
- Waterproof design
- Size:222x87x44(mm)
- Weight:750g

Compatible Motors:
Only those 8 wires(3 phase-cables & 5 hall-cables) DC brushless motor that can work with this controller, other brushless motors are not compatible.

These controllers have 4 groups neccessary cables(power cables, E-lock cables, Throttle-cables & Motor-phase cables), when hook up these 4 groups cables, the E-bike can run normally.
Besides, these controllers have other optional functions, users can hook them up according to your applications.

Connection Table:
1.)Power Cables: big red + big black
2.)Phase Cables: big yellow + big green + big blue
3.)Electric Door Lock Cable: middle red
4.)Hall Cables: small red, small black, small yellow, small green, small blue
5.)Throttle Cables: small red + small blue + small black
6.)Speed Cables: blue(high speed)+ black + +yellow(low speed)
7.)Brake-Hi Cable: yellow
8.)Brake-Low Cable: Brown
9.)Anti-theft Cables:Red(Positive) + Black(power) Red(E-Start) + Blue(Motor Lock Signal) + Green(Motor Lock)
10.)Astern cable: small black + small white
11.)Self-Study cable: two white cables with black plugs
12.)E-ABS(Optical): two blue cables matched

Package included:
- 1 x 60V 1500W Brushless Motor Controller

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