7X-150X Industrial Inspection Zoom Video Microscope

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7X-150X Industrial Inspection Zoom Video Microscope

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Digital Industrial Inspection Zoom Video Microscope without Monitor
  • magnification:7X-150X
  • Lens :0.7-4.5 zoom
  • Eyepiece: 0.5X
  • Lifting range: 270mm
  • Handwheel focusing range: 65mm
  • Center distance: 140mm
  • Column diameter: 25mm
  • Lens Mount Diameter: 50mm
  • Stand overall height: 355mm
  • Base Size: 390X270X28
  • Net Weight: 6KG
  • Industrial camera parameters:
  • Model: KE-208A
  • Resolution: 480 lines
  • Resolution: 640x480
  • Chip: SONY chip
  • Input voltage: 110C or 220V
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Output: AV Interface
  • Color: Color
  • Appearance: alloy case, the standard C interface,
  • Size: 45mm * 50mm * 50mm
  • Working temperature: -10-60 degrees
  • 8-inch LCD monitor industry-specific displays.
  • This product features: microscope magnification can be 600 times the maximum needed,
  • Observation area can reach more than 30mm, easy to use and so on.
  • Matching items: XY moving platform, LED ring light source, 1X, 0.3 times the eyepiece
  • 0.5 times, 2 times the lens, the base with variety of optional, can be a variety of camera selection
  • Application: applies to the electronics industry, metal, precision engineering, plastics, medical, biomedical, and other widely used security systems
  • After-sales service: free warranty for one year.

Package include:

  • Microscope (sets),
  • Industrial cameras
  • Ring light source  
  • One each above

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