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9 Drive MITSUBISHI TRITON MN ML L200 Throttle Tuner Controller wind booster

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9 Drive MITSUBISHI TRITON MN ML L200 Throttle Tuner Controller wind booster

- Rather than a traditional accelerator cable, many modern vehicles use 'fly by wire' throttle technology. This system relies on a sensor that measures the pedal pressure and position and sends a signal to the vehicle's engine computer which converts to acceleration.
- This throttle controller simply plugs into your fly by wire throttle cable attached to your accelerator pedal then simply mount the display unit on your dash for easy access to change mode's when you desire.


- 9Drive controller module transforms your vehicles drivability.
- Responsive acceleration to suit various customers needs.
- Reduces the latency / Lag on late model Turbo diesel & Petrol Vehicles.
- Great benefits when towing, will hold the appropriate gear in automatic transmissions rather than having harsh kick down.
- Suits both Manual and Automatic transmission vehicles.
- Windboosters technology does not adjust fuel pressure, boost pressure or increase power of the engine management system.
- No External power supply required, Plug and Play into your existing accelerator pedal, the throttle controller acts as an adaptor between the factory wiring plug and wiring loom.
- 24 Month month Australian warranty you will deal directly with us and not an overseas agent.
- Fitting is extremely straightforward, as its plug and play the most difficult aspect is where to mount your controller module.

9 Sensitivity levels per F-Mode
- F1 - ECO MODE is designed for economy by reducing the accelerator response time.
- Also handy when you are on the trails and looking for a bit more throttle control when crawling offers 9 sensitivity levels
- F2 - SPORTS MODE - Futher increased Reponse and acceleration with 9 levels to choose from
- F3- RACING MODE - Max Response and acceleration with 9 levels The throttle response sensitivity is 50% faster than F2
- EC- Fuel Efficiency Mode
- Fuel-efficient mode, this model can save fuel, but throttle's response speed reduce somewhat than the Car max, by plus, minus button to adjust the sensitivity in this mode, until reaching appropriate value you think.
- H - For Manual Transmission
- A- For Auto - Automatic control mode automatically selects the sensitivity level based on pedal pressure.
- NOR - Restoring the factory settings, reaching a balance between movements and comfort by delaying the throttle's response speed.

Package Included:

- 1 x 9 Drive  Controller

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