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Ancel Bst200 100-1100 Cold Cranking Amps Portable 12V Car Battery Load Tester

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Ancel Bst200 100-1100 Cold Cranking Amps Portable 12V Car Battery Load Tester

- Bst-200 Battery Tester takes most advanced testing technology to measure the cold cranking amps capability,battery state and vehicle charging system .It can help personal user find out battery problem quickly and fix it accurately.

- Battery test is to analyze battery status and calculate it's cold cranking capability,which provides a reliable analysis for battery maintenance . It notifies the user to replace battery in advance while it's getting aged.

- Cranking test is to analyze the starting motor.Easily find out whether the starting motor works fine by means of testing required cranking current and cranking voltage of the starting motor. There are few causes why starting motor is abnormal: Lubricating system fault cause the starting loaded torque increase.Rotor friction causes friction of starting motor increase.

- Charging test is to check charging system, including generator,rectifier, rectifier diode. find out whether output voltage of the generator,rectifier and rectifier diode is normal or not. Suppose one of the above mentioned parts is not in normal condition, it will lead over-charged or incomplete charged of the battery.This way easily make battery damage quickly or greatly shorten lifetime of other loaded electrical appliance.

- Ancel BST200 car battery tester detects 12 volt batteries from 100-1100 CCA(Cold Cranking amps).Test result based on JIS, EN, DIN, SAE, CCA, BCI, GB, CA, MCA and IEC Standards.Detect bad batter or cell directly.Small, portable and pocket-sized, making it perfect for testing batteries while out in the field and on the go.

- Quickly Assesses Battery Healthy and Charging Systems.It takes a matter of 3 seconds to perform the test result,making this simple to use.Support Multi-languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc. English language in default.

- Tests multiple types of batteries, including conventional lead-acid car batteries, AGM batteries, gel cell batteries, spiral wound batteries.Work on import & domestic passenger cars and light duty trucks etc.Perfect for mechanic,garage,home user etc.

- Polarities wrongly.Connected protection, reverse connection will not hurt the tester and affect the vehicle or battery.More safety-Does not emit light, heat or spark, or discharge battery, keeps operation safe for all levels of users.

- You can perform tests on batteries hooked up in a car still, or unhooked, making this extremely time saving if you don't have to remove a battery to test.HOW TO CHANGE LANGUAGE: Press the up bottom while you start the device. And please press as quick as you can. Then you can find the language settings.1-years warranty.

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