Array U6200A Picotest Universal Counter Measures Frequency to 6 GHz

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Array U6200A Picotest Universal Counter Measures Frequency to 6 GHz

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The new Picotest U6200A Universal Counter is a three, fully-isolated channel counter/frequency meter providing frequency measurement from 1 mHz to 400 MHz on channels 1 and 2, and from 375 MHz to 6 GHz on channel 3. Basic frequency measurement resolution is 12 digits per second thus permitting very fast response to frequency changes.

Time intervals down to 2.5 nanoseconds and up to 1000 seconds can be measured with a basic resolution of 40 picoseconds. Furthermore the Picotest U6200A measures duty cycle, pulse width, rise and fall times, peak volts and will totalize pulses.

Temperature stability is better than 1 ppm, and ageing rate is better than 2 ppm/year. Twenty memory locations are available in which instrument set-up parameters can be stored. The Picotest U6200A has a full suite of maths functions including averaging, standard deviation, and minimum/maximum values.

Users can download data via a USB port, in format compatible with Microsoft Excel. The Picotest U6200A supports a web server function thus enabling user control via LAN. An optional GPIB interface is also available.

- Channel 3 provides 375MHz~6GHz Frequency range
- Channel 1 & 2 provide 1 mHz~400MHz Frequency range
- 12 Digits resolution with 1S gate time
- 40 PS time domain function resolution
- Time domain function (Rise/Fall Time, Pulse Width, Time interval), Peak voltage, phase.
- Timebase reference temperature stability<1PPM.
- Multi-parameter Display of results.
- Easy-to-use keys with light
- Operation instructions on buttons.
- Connection via USB, Ethernet 10M/100M & GPIB (Optional)
- Support IEEE488.2/USBTMC
- Support Webserver
- Support a high stability oven (Optional)
- Provide free PC software


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