B6+ Plus Li-po Battery Smart Balancer 4 Align Battery

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B6+ Plus Li-po Battery Smart Balancer 4 Align Battery B6+ Plus Li-po Battery Smart Balancer 4 Align Battery

B6+ Plus Li-po Battery Smart Balancer 4 Align Battery

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  • B6+ is a high performance Li-ion/LiPo balancer, it has a microprocessor to detect and balance each cell voltage of the 2 to 6 cells in series.
  • LED indicates the balance status of the battery pack, "FLASH" shows the high voltage cell is discharged till the difference of voltage reaches the lowest level. If all LEDS are off, the battery pack is balanced.
  • Cooperating with charger, the built-in software can detect the cell voltage in charging. When any cell voltage reaches 4.25v,  it will cut off the charge to prevent the battery overcharged. Invovative technology even capable to serial charge with different capacity together.
  • Besides independent balance mode, you can connect any LiPo charger to the input lead first, then connect the B6+ to the balance connector on your pack, finally connect the output lead to the discharge lead of the pack.  so your pack is charging at up to 6A and balancing simultaneously.  


  • Automatically detect and display battery balance status for any 2 to 6 cells pack
  • Imbalance voltage warning and balancing
  • Audio alarm for over voltage
  • Audio alarm for under voltage
  • LED(s) display each cell in balancing
  • Automatically cut-off the charging circuit while any cell is over charged
  • Reversely polarity protection on input, output and balance connector
  • Capable balance 2 or 3 different capacity battery packs simultaneously
  • With Special Connector Conversion Board(CCB) to fit all kinds of battery connectors

2 working mode:

  • Stand-alone balancing
  • Balancing while charge, need to be connected to professional charger.

Input/Output Specifications:

  • Input Voltage/Current: DC 30V, 6 A MAX.
  • Output Voltage:30V MAX.
  • Output Current:6A MAX.

General Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature:           0~40℃
  • Storage Temperature:              -20~85℃
  • Operating Relative Humidity:    5~95%RH

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • Dimension: 85*52*13(mm, L*W*H)
  • DC Input leads: 200mm silicon cable with 4mm gold banana plug
  • DC Output leads:100mm silicon cable with Li-Po battery male connector.
  • Balances Connector : JST EHR -6PIN
  • Case Material : Aluminum alloy
  • weight:50g



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