BN30-54D Shooting Infrared IR Light Fence Alarm Security 4 Beams 5m Warning Distance

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BN30-54D Shooting Infrared IR Light Fence Alarm Security/ Guardian Anti-theft Alarm System 4 Beams 5m Warning Distance

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Infrared fence (also called "infrared fence") is a radio active infrared, using multi-beam infrared light on the radio, the transmitter to the receiver to "low-frequency firing, hours of detection", the issue of infrared light, Once a person or object blocking the transmitter sent over any adjacent two beams of light more than 30ms, the receiver immediately outputs alarm signal, when there are small animals or small objects block the light beam which when the alarm is not output alarm signal .
Shooting infrared fence alarm system widely used in urban security, residential, factories, companies, schools, families, villas, warehouses, resources, petroleum, chemical, gas transmission and distribution and many other fields.

- excellent performance: The duplex of digital intelligent control technology, technology leadership, performance excellence
- sensitivity: high sensitivity, indoor and outdoor work around the clock
- interference: Import Filter with automatic adjustment of gain
- anti-sabotage: high-quality aluminum alloy case, anti-demolition and anti-shear, anti-mobility function design
- misinformation Low: Dual-beam identification principle of effective prevention of small animals, birds caused by false positives
- species-wide: wired / wireless compatible, multi-beam, multi-height
- Appearance Liang: silver-white shell, streamline design, modeling unique, simple and beautiful
- easy to install: 360 ° stepless rotation, accurate Rapid AF
- Supply Voltage : DC 10.5~18V
- Current Consumption: ≤65
- Operating Temperature: -35 ~ +50 ℃
- Height:68cm
- Beam:4 beams
- Outdoor Warning Distance:5 meters
- Optical axis adjustive angle:360°

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