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CDMA 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Repeater Booster Amplifier +Yagi Antenna Kit

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CDMA 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Repeater Booster Amplifier +Yagi Antenna Kit


The repeater works with two antennas (included in the kit). One is the indoor antenna which communicates with your cell phone or laptop data card, and another one is the outdoor antenna which communicates with the cell tower.

When the indoor antenna receives the signal from your cell phone or data card, the booster amplifies the signal and transmits it through the cable to outdoor antenna and then to the cell tower. And the better the outside signal, the more coverage the indoor antenna can create.

The miniature repeater with its unique compact, light weight, easy installation, small interference on the network, the reliability and stability of the unique advan-tages, has been widely, especially suitable for the modern city building area indoor coverage. The miniature repeater is mainly used in office buildings, shop-ping malls, large underground parking field, exhibition center, workshop. Signal using a small power cover-age within building will be more uniform, reduce the cost of inputs.

Outdoor Yagi antenna receives the downlink signal from the base Station, and the mini wattage repeater amplifies the signal. The indoor retransmission antenna will transmits signal, covering user's home or office. Uplink signals from mobile phones is transmitted to repeater via retransmitting antenna, upon the uplink low noise amplification, the signal is transmitted to the base station through donor end.


- Frequency Range:890-915MHz (Up Link); 930-960MHz (Down Link)
- Passband Fluctuation: 3.0dBp-p
- Repeater Gain: 60 dB (Up Link);65 dB (Down Link)
- Output Power: 20dBm (Up Link); 25dBm (Down Link)
- Standing-wave Ratio:<1:1.5
- Min dB(up link and down link):>80dB
- Connector:F BS
- Noise figure:<6.0dB
- Power:AC AC100-240V(5VDC1A)

Package Included:

- 1 x 900MHz Repeater
- 1 x Outdoor Yagi Antenna
- 1 x Indoor Antenna
- 1 x Ceiling Antenna
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x User Manual

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