Cherry Wood Decorative Desktop Clock -Gray(White Light)

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Cherry Wood Decorative Desktop Clock -Gray(White Light) Cherry Wood Decorative Desktop Clock -Gray(White Light)

Cherry Wood Decorative Desktop Clock -Gray(White Light)

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1. Features
   - Calendar within years 2000 - 2099
   - Alternately display time, month &date and temperature
   - 12/24 hour format selectable (initial mode: 24-hour; Year 2008; Time 12:00)
   - Alarm clock with "beep" lasting for 1 minute
   - DC 6V/I000MA power supply; built-in battery keeping time display program running inside but invisible outside
2. Button definition
    SET     UP      DOWN      ON/OFF   RESET
3. Operation
  - Press button "SET" for 3 seconds to enter into setting mode, you may set YEAR, MONTH, DATE, HOUR, MINUTE. 12H/24H and ALARM in order"
  -  When YEAR symbol flashing, adjust by "UP" and"DOWN" buttons.
  -  When MONTH, "UP" and "DOWN" for adjustment.
  - When DATE, "UP" and "DOWN" for adjustment.
  -  When HOUR, "UP" and "DOWN" for adjustment. 
  -  When MINUTE, "UP" and "DOWN" for adjustment.
  - When 12H/24H, Turn-up or 12/24 hour format swift
  - After flashing "AL", "UP" and "DOWN" for HOUR setting.
  - Then "UP" and "DOWN" for MINUTE setting
  -  Button "SET" alarm off (--AL); push the button againalarm on (ON AL)
  - When SOUND CONTROL,push "button set", after flashing "--sd", "up" or "down" for setting.
  - Again button "SET" to exit.
2) Button "UP":
   Turn-up or CC/oF format swift "Turn up for adjustment when setting
3) Button "DOWN": turn down or Sound control on/off
   -  Turn down for adjustment when setting
   - In normal display, Sound control on/off by button "DOWN" Sound control on displaying "ON SD" , while off displaying "-- SD"
4) Button "ON/OFF": turn on/turn off
    Display on or off by button "ON/OFF
5) Button "RESET
    Any mistake or badness caused by improper operation could he renewed by button "RESET"
6) Swift 12 hour format display. When "PM", the light on the up corner will be on.

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