Comstar USB Hi-Tech Aquarium / Fish Tank (with AC Adapter)

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Comstar USB Hi-Tech Aquarium / Fish Tank (with AC Adapter) Comstar USB Hi-Tech Aquarium / Fish Tank (with AC Adapter)

Comstar USB Hi-Tech Aquarium / Fish Tank (with AC Adapter)

Comstar USB Hi-Tech Aquarium / Fish Tank (with AC Adapter)

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Key features:
- Powered by USB port or by the included USB AC adapter
- Closed design (minimizes evaporation, spill and odor)
- Water temperature automatically controlled
- Oxygen generation (via pumps)
- Sunlight simulation (built-in lights)
- Automatic water changing and feeding reminders
- Comes with fish raising and feeding instructions
- Also acts as a night light
Manufacturer's descriptions:
COMSTAR  AQUARIUM  has the functions of Temperature control, temperature display ,air pump control, connect to camera, take pictures and review, video and play,files management , fish feeded remind , water replaced remind ,seven colours light ,special glass bead  ,fish-feed knowledge

(1)   Temperature control : COMSTAR AQUARIUM can connect to PC ,settle the right temperature and keep an invariable temperature  special for the fish growing up safely, even when the external environment change .
(2)   Temperature display : according to connect to PC , the software will display the Real-time temperature of the internal aquarium.
(3)   Air pump control : there is a air pump inside the aquarium, keep supplying the Oxygen , this air pump can be control by yourself according to the control software.
(4)   Camera : you may add an external camera ,  to enjoy watching the fish on your LCD display .
(5)   Take pictures and review: when enjoy watching the fishing swimming, catch the wonderful moment , take a forever picture! COMSTAR AQURIUM also have the function of reviewing photos , these photos will stay around with you whenever you memory them.
(6)   Video and display : you may record the different phase of the fish growing , and display the wonderful growing course , it will be amazing !
(7)   Files management : you may delete or move the photos and the videos.
(8)   Fish feeded and water replaced remind: are you working so busy and forget to take care of the fish ? COMSTAR AQUARIUM can remind you to feed up your fish on time !
(9)   Seven colour light : supply the light for fish growing up healthily, and meanwhile to show off the fish , so colourful !
(10) Special glass bead : these special glass bead decorate the aquarium ,make it beautiful , and also filtrate the water .
(11) Fish-feed knowledge

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