DOUYI Combustible Gas detector DY8800A+

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DOUYI Combustible Gas detector DY8800A+

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This highly reliable broad range combustible gas detector DY8800A+ is an extremely useful tool in any environment where gasoline, propane, natural gas, fuel oil and many other explosive gases may be present.

As a combustible gas or vapor source is approached, an audible signal increases in frequency and the red lights illuminate in sequence, to show the intensity of the leak. Now you can see and hear your way to pinpointing dangerous leaks. The unique flexible probe gives you access to gas leaks in hard to reach places.


Ergonomic model, nice handheld touch
LCD and buzzer alarms
Self faulty detection of sensor during startup
Li cells employed, recharing anywhere
Detection natural gas, LPG, artificial goal gas and etc..
Sensor planar semiconductor
Warm up time less than 60 seconds
Alarm 20Hz ~ 5KHz
Range of alarm ~1% LEL LED1 flashing, without buzzer
~2% LEL LED2 flashing, with buzzer
~5% LEL LED3 flashing, with buzzer
~10% LEL LED4 flashing, with buzzer
~20% LEL LED5 flashing, with buzzer
Alarm mode LED, buzzer
Working temperature -20C ~ 70C
Working humidity less than 90% RH
Power source Li cell 3.7V 1100mA/h
Indication of charge 10% red LED1
20% red LED2
30% red LED3
40% red LED4
50% red LED5
Indication of sensitivity Level 0, red LED3
Level -1, red LED2
Level -2, red LED0
Level +1, red LED4
Level +2, red LED5
Dimension 275 * 70 * 30 mm
Weight approx. 220g
Standard accessories carry case DY7

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