DUOYI Clamp-on Ground Resistance tester DY1200

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DUOYI Clamp-on Ground Resistance tester DY1200

DUOYI Clamp-on Ground Resistance tester DY1200

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Main Features

  • Autoranging ground resistance measurements from 0.01Ohm to 1000Ohm with 0.01Ohm resolution
  • AC Leakage current range of 10mA to 30.00A
  • Simplifies ground resistance measurements on multiple point ground systems
  • Dual insulation for protection
  • Verification resistor confirm accuracy of meter
  • 30 record memories


Clamp-on Ground Resistance tester
Earth Ground Resistance Range Resolution Precision
0.01Ω ~ 0.99Ω 0.01Ω ±1%+0.01Ω
1.0Ω ~ 49.9Ω 0.1Ω ±1.5%+0.1Ω
50.0Ω ~ 99.5Ω 0.5Ω ±2%+0.5Ω
100Ω ~ 199Ω ±3%+1Ω
200Ω ~ 395Ω ±6%+5Ω
400Ω ~ 590Ω 10Ω ±10%+10Ω
600Ω ~ 1000Ω 20Ω ±20%+20Ω
Min. Resolution 0.01Ω
Leakage current Range Resolution Precision
0 ~ 80mA 0.05mA ±2.5%+1mA
80mA ~ 650mA 0.5mA ±2.5%+2mA
650mA ~ 4A 5mA ±2.5%+10mA
4A ~ 30A 10mA ±2.5%+20mA
Measurement of leakage current 50Hz/60Hz, RMS
Conductor Size 32 * 65 mm
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Working Humidity 10%~80%
LCD Size 28.5 x 47 mm

General Characteristics

Power AA1.5Vx4
Product Size 293*90*66 mm
Product Net Weight 1320g(including battery)
Standard Accessories verification resistor 5.1ohms for DUOYI clamp-on ground resistance tester carry case DY10
Standard individual packing carry case
Standard Quantity per Carton 8 pcs.
Measurement of Standard Carton 480*370*488mm (0.087 CBM)
Gross weight of Standard Carton 31kgs

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