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DFRobot USB32 Channel Servo Motor Controller Panel with 256K Memory Card

WiDo WiFi Master Board Integrated CC3000 Kernel

CJMCU TPIC6C596 Large Digit Driver 8bit Shift Register 7-segment Displays

KEYES 2812 8*5 bit 40bit Full Color RGB LED Module Development Board

Price:  $57.21

SKU: 117043

Price:  $44.41

SKU: 117042

Price:  $4.10

SKU: 116963

Price:  $10.82

SKU: 116836

Mini Signal Generator Shield Sine/Square/Triangle Wave Generate Board

KEYES 2812 8*4 bit 32bit Full Color RGB LED Module Development Board

Si4703 FM Tuner Evaluation Board for MP3 Phone Radio

KEYES 2812 4*4 bit 16bit Full Color RGB LED Module Development Board

Price:  $23.85

SKU: 116771

Price:  $13.93

SKU: 116835

Price:  $9.85

SKU: 116770

Price:  $7.16

SKU: 116834

Large Digit Driver 12V Digital Tube Drive Module

MPL3115A2 Altitude/Pressure Sensor Breakout Module Sense Board

HTU21D-F Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout Board

Drive Driver Board Module for High-power Motor 6V 12V 24V 12A 300W Motor Driver

Price:  $6.77

SKU: 116769

Price:  $14.44

SKU: 116779

Price:  $10.33

SKU: 116767

Price:  $11.48

SKU: 116777

LSM9DS0 9-DOF Altitude Sensor Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Magnetometer I2C Module

CAN-BUS Shield CAN Communication Module Extension Board for DIY

ACS709 Current Sensor module -75A to 75A+ High Bandwidth Fast Fault Response

16 Channel Servo Driver Board 12 Bit PWM Motor Speed Controller for RC Models

Price:  $27.62

SKU: 116766

Price:  $26.05

SKU: 116775

Price:  $14.67

SKU: 116774

Price:  $8.70

SKU: 116745

MCP9808 High Accuracy I2C Temperature Sensor Breakout Board

Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31855 Breakout Board MAX6675 Upgrade

KEYES 2812 8bit Full Color RGB LED Module Development Board

RGB & Gesture Sensor APDS-9960 Sense Board

Price:  $11.97

SKU: 116773

Price:  $11.00

SKU: 116744

Price:  $4.10

SKU: 116837

Price:  $21.31

SKU: 116772

CJMCU-RGB Full Color 4 Feet RGB LED Development Module Develop Board 10 Pcs

CJMCU-RGB Full Color 6 Feet RGB LED Development Module Develop Board 10 Pcs

CJMCU 5V Mini USB & AMS1117 3.3V DC Power Port Module

DFRobot Finger Print Distinguish Sensor Module

Price:  $2.30

SKU: 116741

Price:  $2.30

SKU: 116740

Price:  $1.97

SKU: 116739

Price:  $42.43

SKU: 116697

DFRobot FXLN8361 3-Axis Accelerator Sensor Module Analog Output 2.7KHz Bandwidth

DFRobot Romeo BLE Mini Robot Servo & Motor Control Board ATmega328P

DFRobot APDS-9960 Approach and Non-contact RGB & Gesture Sensor Detection Module

FPGA Development Board Mojo v3 Spartan 6 XC6SLX9

Price:  $24.26

SKU: 116696

Price:  $38.66

SKU: 116695

Price:  $18.74

SKU: 116694

Price:  $41.80

SKU: 116634

CJMCU 955X Earthquake Monitor Energy Exploration Sensor Module

CJMCU-TLC5947 12bits 24CH Output Channel LED Driver Module PWM Modulate

CJMCU-BME280 Barometric Pressure Temperature Altitude Sensor Sense Module

SIM900A GSM GPRS Expand Board Wireless Communicate Module EGSM900 DCS1800 Channel

Price:  $101.48

SKU: 116495

Price:  $7.79

SKU: 116494

Price:  $7.16

SKU: 116555

Price:  $31.15

SKU: 116539

CJMCU-HT16K33 16x8 LED Matrix Driver Module Development Board

CJMCU-8653 MMA8653FCR1 Xtrinsic 10bit Accelerator Sensor Module Development Board

CJMCU MMA9553L Pedometer High Precision 3-Axis Accelerator Sensor Module Development Board

CJMCU LSM6DS33TR 6DoF 3-Axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Gyroscope 6-Axis Attitude Sensor Module

Price:  $3.28

SKU: 116503

Price:  $2.95

SKU: 116386

Price:  $29.80

SKU: 116385

Price:  $6.56

SKU: 116376

CJMCU-8497 AD8497 ARMZ Thermal Coupling Thermocouple Amplifier Module

PN532 NFC RFID Reader/Writer Shield Breakout Board Module

CJMCU-36 APM2.5 MPXV7002DP Airspeed Breakout Transducer Differential Pressure Sensor

SIM5320E Chip 3G Network Module GSM GPRS GPS SMS Board IPXmini Interface

Price:  $11.23

SKU: 116375

Price:  $23.84

SKU: 116340

Price:  $35.34

SKU: 116314

Price:  $72.18

SKU: 116163

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