EMUC A200 Autopilot System Self-stabilization for Fixed-wing Airplanes

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EMUC A200 Autopilot System Self-stabilization for Fixed-wing Airplanes

EMUC A200 Autopilot System Self-stabilization for Fixed-wing Airplanes

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EMUC A200 Autopilot System Self-stabilization for Fixed-wing Airplanes


This high-precision Autopilot System with super-strong self-stabilization is specially made for fixed wing airplane to reduce the psychological pressure while flying. With the Auto-pilot system activated, if the pilot gets disoriented at any time, the rescue system will automatically level ff the plane, preventing a crash.


- Working Voltage:+4V~+6V DC
- Balance reaction time:1/60 second
- Balance tolerance:<2°
- Flying environment:All-weather (Strong wind,rain,fog,ice,snow,etc. bad weather will affect performance.)


- Industrial level reliable desin, stable and safe
- Inertia test unit, high pressure sensing, suit for all weather
- Support various fixed wing layout pattern with strong generality
- Get rid of complicated data setup, easy to set up for various airplane with PID intelligent control(PID is the way of automatic control standing for porportion, integration, differential)
- Multi flying modes available, suit the need of beginners and senior
- 3D gyroscope rise stability, easy to realize 3D flying
- Intelligent tilt angle system: Lever in full position, flying-tilt angle locked as 45degree; lever loosen, automatically doing horizontal flying
- One-key return, never lose your airplane(Requires GPS)

GPS Mode (This is optional,requiring GPS model)

Plug GPS model and re-powering on,after GPS connected to A200, control modes (using Channel 4 with 3 levels switch) as below:
1. Balance mode
2. Height and orientation fixed (Middle of switch, switching from balance mode)
3. Height fixed mode (Middle of switch,switching from return mode)
4. Return mode: GPS mode will turn to be balance mode,while GPS has not oriented or unexpected malfunction occurs. "HOME" can be setup while GPS orientation searchs 6 stars! Setup way: Keep pressing setup key more than 3 seconds."HOME" position saved for one time can keep for long time except re-setup."HOME" setup done while LED stop flashing,and keep light on constantly for 3 seconds,then continue flashing.
5. While GPS mode orientation done,control way turns to be 4 modes ( balance mode,height and orientation fixed mode (switching from balance mode to middle switch position), height fixed mode (switching from return mode to middle switch position), return mode).


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