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EV-PEAK 1350W 45A Fast LiPo Battery DC Balance Charger with A8 Touch Screen

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EV-PEAK 1350W 45A Fast LiPo Battery DC Balance Charger with A8 Touch Screen

- High power , fast charging.
- Touch-screen control, graphical interface, simple operation.
- Mini USB port, support firmware upgrades and computer monitors the process of charging and discharging .
- 5V / 1A USB port can charge to other devices.
- Oversized fan + aluminum shell, high efficiency heat.
- Supports LiHV battery.
- Charging mode: balance, fast charge.
- Forming charging mode, fixes NiMH / NiCd batteries.
- Dual embedded chip, 32-bit MCU, smooth system .
- It supports 10 groups of data storage batteries.
- Adjustable cut-off voltage.
- Provide storage mode, make the battery into the optimum storage voltage automatically, protect the battery, extending battery life.
- Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection.
- Safe charging time is adjustable.
- 10 groups NiMH / NiCd battery cycle,  interval cycle time is adjustable.
- It can measure battery internal resistance and the battery voltage.
- Use warm sense wire to connect the charger and battery,  monitor the battery temperature in real-time.
- Support renewable-firing.
- Balance current 1A, faster full sentence.
- Synchronous rectification algorithm, higher charging efficiency.
- High precision.
- XT90 output port, support most of the large-capacity battery in market.
- Large screen displays charge-discharge curves in real-time .
- adjust the charge current automatically according to the real-time voltage.
- Support multiple batteries: LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, LiHv, NiMH, NiCD and Pb.
- Monochrome screen, it can displayed clearly in the sun.
- adjustable digital power ,supply for other devices.
- Pre-charge function, repair the battery of slight over-discharge .
- Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature units can be set to meet all user habits.
- adjustable  cutoff input voltage.
- Adjustable backlight.
- Forced sentenced to full function, customized charging current of full judgment, such as setting 10A, when charger current less that 10A will judgment full, custom settings sentence full time or full charge level.
- Forced balance function, customizable voltage value of start state  (such as LIPO 4.2V setting value -0.1V, start balancing function at 4.1V).
- Discharge mode: CC / CV Optional.
- Input voltage, output voltage, internal temperature, battery resistance testing at any time.
- Buckle balance port can be anti-reverse, battery connection is more secure.
- Temperature-controlled fan.-

- DC Input: 11V-32V
- Charge power:1350W
- Dishcarge Power:100W
- Charge current: 0.1~45.0A
- Dishcarge current: 0.1-45A
- LiPo/Li-Ion/Life cell count: 1-8 series
- NiMH/NiCd cell count: 1-20 cells
- Pb battery: 2-24V
- Dimension144*162*84mm
- Weight: 1440g

Package Included:
- 1X EV-PEAK Charger
- 1X Charging cable
- 1X 4 in 1 balancing adapter board 8S
- 1X Stylus

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