Eye Care Health Electric Alleviate Fatigue Massager

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Eye Care Health Electric Alleviate Fatigue Massager

Eye Care Health Electric Alleviate Fatigue Massager

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PANGAO  with more than 10 years of research and production experience, honorably developed and produced PG-2404 Shining Bright Eye Massager.  Through 20 massage points, simulating Chinese traditional massage modes like rotation, shaking, beating, finger-pressing, rolling, etc, it most effects on eye part and help stimulate & train eye vision nerves.  By continuous using, it will make eye fatigue lessened, regulate blood circulation and protect eyes from near sightedness.  It is also most effective for eye beauty.  Appearance like a glass shape, comfortable and delicate, it is most popular and best choice for students and women for eye care.
Product Characteristics:

1. With 20 massage points, simulating Chinese traditional massage modes like rotation, shaking, beating, finger-pressing, rolling, etc, it most effects on eye part.
2. A/C and D/C use both ok.
3. 7 massage modes for choice.
4. Auto-timing function: 5 minutes auto stopped.
Product Functions:
1. Eye Care:
With peculiar vibration and frequency, PG-2404 Shining Bright Eye Massager effectively stimulates eye cell elements, accelerate blood circulation and make your eyes get rid of fatigue and tiredness quickly and prevent eyes from near sightedness in a most effective way.
- For treatment of prevention of near-sightedness: Use 5 minutes once and twice a day for improvement of eye vision, micro-circulation of eye cell organization and ease the fatigue.
- For prevention of eye sickness resulting from over use of computer: Suggested to use after computer performance to make eyes relaxed, eliminate eye acid bulging, drying, unclear vision resulting from over use of eyes.
- Fatigue elimination and sound sleep:  Use it before you sleep and make your nerves completely relaxed, eliminate anxiety and losing sleep from nervous prostration.  By using PG-2404 Shining Bright Eye Massager, you can easily get a sound sleep.
- Help old people for obstruction of presbyopia.
2. Beauty Care:
- Eliminate eye pouches and eye shadows: Use twice a day.  By continuous using for 30-40 days, such phenomena will be much alleviated: eye pouches usually melting from fat and water and eye shadows resulting from sleepless and poor blood circulation.
- Smoothen eye wrinkles, strengthen skin elasticity, use it twice a day for better eye blood circulation, eliminate deposition of pigment by cells and obstruct skin aging.
3 Head Health-Care:
Through massage to accelerate head nerve blood circulation, effective for headache and avoid sleepless and prevent from nerve prostration.
Applicable for:
Young  and near-sighted people, students, persons who are always using computer, writers, accountants and etc.
- Effective for treatment for pseudomyopia, prevention from near-sighted in different degrees.
- Effective for elimination of fatigue, and prevention from near-sighted and losing sleep.  Also effect on facial massage to make your face more beautiful and bright.
- Applicable for people with eye pouches, shadows and wrinkles and deposition of pigment by cells.
- Applicable for people who always stay late at night and overuse eyes.  Effective for headache, losing sleep and nerve prostration.
- Effective for old people from presbyopia.

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