Feiyu AHRS FY-2000B Positioning System

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Feiyu AHRS FY-2000B Positioning System

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Feiyu AHRS FY-2000B Positioning System 
- FY-AHRS-2000B is a high-performance strap down inertial navigation system that can measure any point of orientation of the entire locomotive and vehicle in the 3D space. AHRS could make high-precision positioning for any stationary or moving objects with angular velocity, even short magnetic interference will not affect the heading accuracy of the AHRS. The system can be carried out AHRS magnetic field calibration, to eliminate the hard and soft iron materials motorcycles offset caused by magnetic fields.

- Using high-performance all solid-state three-axis accelerometer, three-axis angular rate sensors and three-axis magnetic field sensor.
- Three axis 360-degree all-dimensional output of the attitude and heading, attitude and heading data on a static accuracy of less than 0.5 degrees, the dynamic accuracy of less than 2 degrees.
- Built-in sensor auto-calibrate, can automatically compensate for the interference of temperature drift, noise, external magnetic field, etc.
- Super long time stability and fast dynamic response.
- Ground Transportation
- Robots
- Aircraft
- Video Camera ect.
 The AHRS includes three gyroscopes, three accelerometers and three magnetic field meters. Real-time measure three axial angular velocity, acceleration, and magnetic field strength. After the processing by the internal microprocessor, the AHRS outputs drift-free attitude and heading information, the three-dimensional acceleration, three-dimensional angular velocity, three-dimensional geomagnetic field, which have been compared and checked-off.

 Hardware Installation

- FY-AHRS-2000B should be installed on a stable platform; the installation of the surface should be parallel with the ground as far as possible when still placed on the platform, and keep it away from the magnetic field effects as far as possible. Magnetic objects must avoid being included. For example: car engines, electric motors, audio speakers, steel, iron and steel nuts or bolts. We recommend using copper, plastic or aluminum as the FY-AHRS-2000B installation and packaging materials. Because it equipped with a gyro and acceleration sensor, so we must fix it on the platform cautiously.

- When install FY-AHRS-2000B, make ensure that the "forward" on the shell (it means the positive X-axis) keep the same direction with the platform move forward straight. This is very important. Once the installation is finished, you’d better make ensure that no more change in use.
- Since magnetic interference may exist in the surroundings, for realize the correction of course, we advised that please run the magnetic field compensate program of the FY-AHRS-2000B after each time the environment changed .We must select the install position carefully when install the FY-AHRS-2000B.The selected position should expose the electronic component fully to the Earth's magnetic field, while keep it relatively isolated from the magnetic field effects and interference.
- FY-AHRS-2000B includes gyroscopes and accelerometers, in order to initialize the sensors, you should keep it horizontal and static for about 3 to 5 seconds when Power-on. If you power-on it during movement, it may cause the attitude data accuracy decline.
- If the external environment changed so much, when boot and maintain the stationary state, the gyroscope angular rate is greater than 1 ° per second, please perform "configuration" - "" gyro to initialize ".
- Power and Signal Connections

- FY-AHRS-2000B connects to the user equipment through standard TTL serial protocol, so if you are using a notebook computer, please prepare a USB-serial converter. FY-AHRS-2000B factory default serial port baud rate is 19200, the output data refresh rate is 20Hz.
- Recommended operating voltage is 5V DC power input. The voltage input range is 3.3V ~ 6V, if the supply voltage is out of the range, the AHRS will be damaged or caused performance reduction.

- Demo Software Installation and Use

The demo software program's document of FY-AHRS-2000B is AHRS test software.exe, after completing the installation, the interface is as follows:
- Select the serial port used to connect in the "Port" field, such as: "COM1"; in the "Rate" field select the baud rate as "19200"; FY-AHRS-2000B connected to the default wave special rate of 19200, a start-byte, 8 data bytes, a Stop byte, no parity, either hardware or software no "handshake." Baud rate can be changed by command.

- Click "Open Serial Port" button, if the FY-AHRS-2000B has been powered on and in working status, you will see the attitude, angular rate and other parameters displayed on the left window. After click "Graphic Demo" button, the 3D graphics demo window will be pop-up.
- FY-AHRS-2000B includes :
- FY-AHRS-2000B Module
- USB cable
- Test software(CD*1)
-  Relate wirings


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