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Fiber Cleaver SKL-6C Cable Cutting Knife FTTT Fiber Optic Knife Tools Cutter 16 Surface Blade

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Fiber Cleaver SKL-6C Cable Cutting Knife FTTT Fiber Optic Knife Tools Cutter 16 Surface Blade

- Model:SKL-6C
- Applicable diameter of bar fiber:125μm
- Applicable quantity of fiber core:single core(0.25&0.9mm)
-12core ribbon fibrt - 2.5 covered wire
- Cutting length for optical fiber:18mm
- Size:71.3x67.2x51mm(LxWxH)

1.Please cover plate opening up fiber rod, clamp cover open single core optical fiber fixture.
Confirm the position of the knife edge slide in front of the side.
2.The optical fiber is placed in the groove of the single core optical fiber fixture, and the coated
boundary line and the optical fiber are determined to cut off the length of the measuring scale.
3 .On the cover of a single core optical fiber fixture, clamping optical fiber
4.Please turn off the 4fiber plate cover, and put down the fiber cap plate rod, push blade slider, cut fiber

- Due to the decomposition of the body and the injection of oil will result in the occurrence of failure, so it is absolutely not to be implemented
- Belongs to precision machinery, such as knocking and landing (received strong impact), may damage the characteristics of the cutting knife, please be careful when using
- Please wear protective glasses to ensure safety.
- The blade is very sharp, please do not touch the body, so as not to be injured

Package included:
- 1x SKL-6C Fiber cleaver
- 1x Packing box
- 1x Instructions

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