Flammable Gas Leakage Detector DY-LDP

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Flammable Gas Leakage Detector DY-LDP

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Battery powered DY-LDP is a kind of flammable gas leak detector with wide range.

The signal frequency of its sensor circuit will increase when the detector approaches flammable compound smoke or gas It can effectively detect gas leak at extremely low level for example to detect flammable gases with concentrations down to 50 ppm.

The detector consists of a portable kit nickel cadmium battery and charger.


Operation status:always adjustable
Power Source: NiCd chargeable battery X 2
Power Duration: 4 hours
Demension: 210x80x50 mm
weight: 560g (battery included)


Detect calor and gasoline leakage of environment-friendly vehicle.
Detect flammable gas, natual gas or residual gas. In use of:
gas piping
propane charge station
cabin internal leakage
detect exit's safety
indoor air detection
exhaust gas and fuel detection
heat exchanger leakage
check-up burning residue
Part of Detectable List
ITEM Minimum Detectable Concentration ITEM Minimum Detectable Concentration
ethine 50ppm propane 500ppm
isobutane 500ppm ethene 500ppm
methane 500ppm hydrogen 500ppm
ethane 50ppm methylaether 500ppm
methand 50ppm ammonia 20ppm
chlorine 1ppm carbon dioxide 500ppm
vinyl chlorine 5ppm methy chlorine 5ppm
hydro sulfide 50ppm acetone 1ppm
carbon monoxide 500ppm

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