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Frsky 900MHz 16CH Long Range R9 Receiver R9+R9M Module System for RC Quadcopter

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Frsky 900MHz 16CH Long Range R9 Receiver R9+R9M Module System for RC Quadcopter

FrSky R9 and R9M radio control system is the first FrSky long range system which works in the frequency of 900MHz. The R9M module offers 4 switchable RF power outputs to so you can choose the appropriate power for different flight situations. Compared to another FrSky 2.4GHz long range receiver like the L9R, the R9 receiver has a longer operating range up to 10KM and above. Moreover, the R9 is also a redundancy receiver which can connect to another receiver to ensure the security of your aircraft.

- 900MHz working mode
- Longer range than L9R
- Low latency and high precision
- Support redundancy function
- Smart Port enabled and support telemetry

R9 Receiver
- Dimension: 43.3*26.8
- Number of Channels: 16CH (1~8ch from conventional channel *outputs, 1~16ch from SBUS)
- Operating Voltage Range: 4V-10V
- Operating Current: 100mA@5V
- Firmware Upgradable
- Compatibility: R9M
R9M System:
- 900MHz working mode (868MHz for EU)
- Light weight
- Long range, low latency and high precision RC system
- 4 optional RF power from 10mW to 1W (10mW/100mW/500mW/1000mW)
- Self-healing frequency hopping link
-  Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission

Package included:
- 1x R9 Receiver
- 1x R9M Module

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