FUTABA 6EX 2.4G Transmitter R606FS Receiver RC 2.4GHz

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FUTABA 6EX 2.4G Transmitter R606FS Receiver RC 2.4GHz

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  • Six model memory
  • Four character model naming
  • Multiple swash plate styles
  • Data reset
  • Trainer capability
  • EPA
  • Exponential and digital trims
  • Data input lever allows easy setting of end points and rates for all 6 channels.
  • Five point adjustment with two curves for both throttle and pitch curves.
  • Normal and Idle Up rate selection on both gyro mixing and revo mixing
  • Small speaker in face plate emits audio alarms
  • Throttle Hold switch for performing autorotation maneuvers and reducing idle for starting
  • The transmitter for Helicopter is divided into Mode 1 & Mode 2. The difference between two Mode is the position of the Lift foce control & Forward/Backward control. For Mode 1 (Right throttle), the left rod is to control the lift force ; while the left rod is forward / backward control .
  • 2.4GHzSS (spread spectrum) radio communication system
  • Frequency channel setting unnecessary: sifting the channels within the 2.4GHz band automatically, this system minimizes the interference from 2.4GHz system
  • Accepts no unwanted signals by using ID code
  • The function "auto-detect" is utilized to automatically determine which mode is active, HRS or PPM mode (R606FS)
  • Short and small antenna (PK-DSM2.4G)/diversity antemma (R606FS)

R606FS Receiver

  • 2.4GHz SS
  • Dimension: 27.5X41.6X9.2mm
  • Weight: 9.8g

PK-FSM2.4G Module

  • RF module for transmitter with spread spectrum system
  • Communication Method: One-way poeration system
  • Mode: PPM, HRS (auto-detect)
  • Maximum Operating Range: 80m (optimum condition)
  • For Safety: F/S, B-F/S, ID (about 4billion ways of pair identifications)
  • Teansmission Antenna: 1/2 mono-pole
  • The charger is 230V

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