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HDV-UH60 UVC USB 3.0 1080P 60FPS HD HDMI Video Capture Dongle Card Box for Windows

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HDV-UH60 UVC USB 3.0 1080P 60FPS HD HDMI Video Capture Dongle Card Box for Windows

- HDMI to USB3.0 Video Capture Dongle, it is easy to carry, have a superior performance,superior compatibility, simple installation and many other features. It can capture one HDMI 1080p60 input and output signal; compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and USB 3.0 interface, Compatible with many USB 3.0 chipset (Intel, Renesas,ASMedia, Fresco Logic), compatible with PCIe Gen1.1 x1 expansion via USB 3.0interface; The HDMI video capture meets UVC and UAC standard, without having to install drivers and settings, the real PnP, easy to use.

- It doesn't need to install a driver, and it is truly PnP. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X operating systems
- USB3.0, 300-350MB/s throughput and it is compatible with USB 2.0
- The process of video and audio is done by the dongle and will not occupy the CPU.
- It can capture one single channel HD HDMI video signals.
- It can automatically detect the input video formats and it will adjust to the set output size and frame rate automatically.
- The input and output video signal can reach 1080p/60 Hz.
- It is compatible with UVC video capture and YUV 422 video output.

- Host Interface: USB3.0, *300-350MB/s;USB2.0, *40MB/s
- Input Interface: HDMI interface
- HDMI Input Formats: 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p50,720p60,1080i50,1080i60,1080p24/25/30/50/60;
- Output Formats Resolutions:640x480/720x480/720x576/768x576/800x600/1024x768/1280x720/1280x800/1280x960/1280x1024/1368x768/1440x900/1600x1200/1680x1050/1920x1080/1920x1200/640x360/856x480/960x540/1024x576
- Frame Rate: 25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 fps
- Audio and video: capture standards of UVC and UAC
- support of OS: Windows 7;Windows Server 2008 R2;Linux (Kernel version 2.6.38 and above);OS X (10.8 and above)
- Software compatibility: Windows Media Encoder (Windows);Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows, OS X);Real Producer Plus (Windows);VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux);QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X);QuickTime Player (OS X);Wirecast (Windows, OS X);Potplayer(Windows)and etc.
- Development interface compatibility: DirectShow (Windows), DirectSound (Windows),V4L2 (Linux), ALSA (Linux) OS X (QuickTime)
- Size: 98x56x16 (L/W/H, mm)
- Power consumption: <= 2.5W
- Working Temperature: 0-50 deg C
- Storage Temperature: -20-70 deg C
- Storage Humidity: 5%-90%

Package included:
- 1 x HDMI to USB3.0 Video Capture Dongle
- 1 x USB3.0 Cable
- 1 x User manual

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