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Heating Station Pad LCD Mobile Phone Touch Screen Remover Separator Hot Plate

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Heating Station Pad LCD Mobile Phone Touch Screen Remover Separator Hot Plate

- To open iPad touch screen, you need to heat the screen in advance. This heating panel is right for you.
- Voltage(option): 220V ~50Hz or 110V~60Hz
- Power: 250~280W (MAX)
- Controling temperature: 30-99 degree centigrade adjustable
- Time to target temperature: 30 seconds
- Hot pad size: 31cm * 22cm
- Method of use: (tiled desktop, desktop flat, temperature control knob placed on the left.)
- Warning: Do not bend. Do not cut. Avoid water. Keep away from Children.

Use of instructions:
- The first step is to preheat the metal shell part: temperature control knob to 60 degrees, will face up for about 2 minutes.
- The second step: the positive external heating outer peripheral down for about 2 minutes, turn over with a crowbar or inserted into the outer gap test picks
- To study whether the plastic surface is softened, according to the actual situation and then adjust the heating time or temperature. The rubber surface softening, the temperature control knob to the 0
- Degree or power off the power, with the remaining temperature to the glue in the case to keep the softening state, dismantling.
- Reminder: after 1 gel surface softening, do not put iPad back on the heating surface for long time. 2 on the adjustment of the temperature and time, each operator according to the actual situation to gradually find a set of steps for their own.
- The company provides the temperature and time provided only for reference.

Package included:
- 1 x LCD Separator

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