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Esky KING II Seperate Parts

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Scale cabin  587.5*183*118 No: EK4-0052

11 Tooth gear 4pcs No: EK1-0353

Motor mounting set No: EK5-0460

Scale cabin 547*87*105  No: EK4-0051

Price:  $147.54

SKU: 30022

Price:  $4.43

SKU: 30031

Price:  $6.23

SKU: 30047

Price:  $147.54

SKU: 30021

10 Tooth gear 4pcs No: EK1-0352


Scale cabin 586*190*118 No: EK4-0050

Brushless motor for helicopter 40g 3900KV  No: EK5-0005

Price:  $5.08

SKU: 30030

Price:  $10.33

SKU: 30043

Price:  $147.54

SKU: 30020

Price:  $22.46

SKU: 30029


Carbon fibre main blades  No: EK4-0005

Metal rotor head set of honey bee king & cool  No: EK5-0208


Price:  $15.08

SKU: 30042

Price:  $26.39

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30019

Price:  $42.30

SKU: 30027

Price:  $16.39

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30041

Carbon fibre tail boom No: EK4-0188

Metal Swashplate set No: EK5-0203

Landing skit set No: EK4-0176

Brushless speed controller 25A No: EK1-0350

Price:  $11.48

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30017

Price:  $19.02

SKU: 30026

Price:  $6.72

SKU: 30037

Price:  $23.28

SKU: 30015

Metal Washout assembly No: EK5-0202

F3C scale cabin No: EK4-0072

Brushless motor 3100KV +25A ESC FOR HONEY BEE KING No: EK5-0080

M3 Nylon Locknut 3mm(10pcs) No: EK1-2185

Price:  $20.33

SKU: 30025

Price:  $131.15

SKU: 30033

Price:  $36.07

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30023

Price:  $5.41

SKU: 30032

Gyro for ESKY tail-drive system helicopter No: EK2-0704

3cell 1000mha Li-polymer battery  No: EK1-0180

Main blade clamp set  No: EK1-0285

Tail rotor blade control set  No: EK1-0295

Price:  $23.61

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30013

Price:  $23.77

SKU: 29960

Price:  $3.77

SKU: 29976

Price:  $4.10

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29986

Balance thrust bearing 3*8*3.5mm  No: EK1-0500

8*317mm Tail boom Set No: EK1-0563

Speed controller 20A   for helicopter         No: EK2-0600A

Ball control arm set  No: EK1-0284

Price:  $3.77

SKU: 29993

Price:  $7.38

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30002

Price:  $8.03

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30012

Price:  $4.10

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29974

Tail driven pedestal set  No: EK1-0292

Bearing 4*7*2.5(2) No: EK1-0345

Synchronal belt pulley No: EK1-0562

Dual Conversion 8CH Receiver(w/o crystal) No: EK2-0423A

Price:  $3.77

SKU: 29984

Price:  $3.77

SKU: 29992

Price:  $5.08

Out Of Stock
SKU: 30001

Price:  $24.59

SKU: 30011

Washout base set  No: EK1-0283

Push link set  No: EK1-0290

Axis for E008 No: EK1-0344

Battery hanger set No: EK1-0559

Price:  $3.77

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29972

Price:  $8.20

SKU: 29982

Price:  $2.46

SKU: 29991

Price:  $6.56

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29998

One way drive link  No: EK1-0582

Swashplate set  No: EK1-0282

Flybar (2) No: EK1-0289

Main gear set  No: EK1-0303

Price:  $2.62

SKU: 30010

Price:  $4.59

SKU: 29970

Price:  $2.79

SKU: 29981

Price:  $6.39

SKU: 29990

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