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Esky lama V3 Seperate Parts

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Esky NANO 002712 2.4G 5 in 1 Esky RC Spare Parts Hobby RC Accessories

180 Motor w/ 8T 0.5M Pinion ( C ) A   No: EK1-0005

Bearing 4*8*4  No: EK1-0328

Main blade grip set     No: EK1-0317

Price:  $39.10

SKU: 94246

Price:  $7.05

SKU: 29855

Price:  $4.10

SKU: 29877

Price:  $4.10

SKU: 29865

Tail Frame (YELLOW COLOR) No: EK1-0327Y

Metal grip set of lama blade No: EK5-0210

Gear & shaft set B     No: EK1-0316

Metal swashplate set of lama No: EK5-0209

Price:  $16.39

SKU: 29876

Price:  $36.72

SKU: 29887

Price:  $5.41

SKU: 29864

Price:  $11.97

SKU: 29886

Stabilizer set  No: EK1-0314

Ball link    No: EK1-0325

Metal center holder set of lama (lower) No: EK5-0207

Plastic Blade B  No: EK1-0313

Price:  $4.10

SKU: 29862

Price:  $4.92

SKU: 29874

Price:  $9.18

SKU: 29885

Price:  $4.75

SKU: 29861

Shaft&Collar No: EK1-0324

Metal Center hub and shaft set of LAMA(upper) No: EK5-0206

Plastic Blade A No: EK1-0312

Canopy  No: EK1-0323

Price:  $3.77

SKU: 29873

Price:  $6.89

SKU: 29884

Price:  $4.75

SKU: 29860

Price:  $6.56

SKU: 29872

Bearing 2*6*3 No: EK1-0218

Gear & shaft set A    No: EK1-0321

180 Motor w/ 8T 0.5M Pinion ( C ) B   No: EK1-0005A

4 channel transmitter  No: EK2-0404

Price:  $4.07

SKU: 29858

Price:  $4.59

SKU: 29869

Price:  $7.05

SKU: 29856

Price:  $44.26

SKU: 29878

ESky 000284 Plastic Blade B Lower Lama V3/V4 EK1-0313

Swashplate set    No: EK1-0319

Hardware set  No: EK1-0326

Softdog (USB PLUG) No: EK2-0900A

Price:  $4.10

Out Of Stock
SKU: 82914

Price:  $3.61

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29867

Price:  $2.79

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29875

Price:  $7.38

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29883

Landing Skid (BLACK COLOR) No: EK1-0322B

"4in1" Control Unit 40MHZ No: EK2-0705B

7.4V Li-Poly battery No: EK1-0181

"4in1" Control Unit 35MHZ No: EK2-0705B

Price:  $6.23

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29871
Out Of Stock
SKU: 29881

Price:  $14.43

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29857

Price:  $27.05

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29880

Main frame      No: EK1-0320

Price:  $6.23

Out Of Stock
SKU: 29868
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