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Practical Joke Gadgets

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Quiz 100% Poo-Poo Cup (Black)

Quiz 100% Love Heart Cup (Black)

Shock-Your-Friend Electric Shock Soft Stick Toy

Realistic Rubber Flies (2-Pack/6-Flies)

Price:  $7.54

SKU: 52561

Price:  $7.21

SKU: 52558

Price:  $1.37

SKU: 52427

Price:  $1.46

SKU: 52429

Shock-Your-Friend Mini Slot Machine Toy

Shock-You-Friend Electric Shock White Light Flashlight (Practical Joke)

Shock-Your-Friends Nail Clippers

Shock-Your-Friends Coins

Price:  $4.34

Out Of Stock
SKU: 52547

Price:  $3.68

Out Of Stock
SKU: 52532

Price:  $3.24

Out Of Stock
SKU: 52519

Price:  $3.03

Out Of Stock
SKU: 52512
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