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Battery & Charger

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UN Charger Adaption Plate Adapter Board UNA6/UNA9

iCharger Battery Charger Adaption Plate Adapter for 106B 1010B 206B 208B 306B 3010B

MHB20-S 0-20V Dual-way Battery Monitor Capacity Current Voltage Tester Checker 0-20A Current

MHB20-H 0-60V Dual-way Battery Monitor Capacity Current Voltage Tester Checker 0-20A Current

Price:  $4.74

SKU: 108557

Price:  $9.62

SKU: 108552

Price:  $100.66

SKU: 108593

Price:  $116.84

SKU: 108592

SKYRC AC/DC Quattro Micro Battery Charger 4*1Cell Lipo

SKYRC B6AC+ V2 Dual Power AC/DC Professional Balance Charger Discharger

MaxPro X6 2-3S Lipo Battery Balance Charging Board Charger Socket

Ev-peak AK845 Touch Screen DC Balance Charger Dishcarger for RC Models

Price:  $62.13

SKU: 108560

Price:  $59.06

SKU: 108559

Price:  $11.00

SKU: 108163

Price:  $186.72

SKU: 107488

Ev-peak MH-8S AC Balance Charger NiMH Battery Charger 1-8S

Ev-peak V3 AC Balance Charger 2S-3S for RC Models

Ev-peak V3+ AC Balance Charger 2S-3S for RC Models

Fatshark 1A 7.4V 1000mAH Li-Po Battery Pack w/Banana Lead Adapter

Price:  $15.82

SKU: 107487

Price:  $15.82

SKU: 107486

Price:  $19.84

SKU: 107485

Price:  $27.70

SKU: 107830

Ev-peak N3-50W AC Balance Charger Built-in Power Supply for RC Models

Chargery BMS8 3-8S Lipo LiFePO4 Battery Management System

Ev-peak Multifunction AC DC Balance Charger Discharger Q6AC

Linkman 7.4V-11.1V 2S-3S Lithium Battery Balance Charger w/Power Adapter

Price:  $45.30

SKU: 107484

Price:  $57.87

SKU: 107754

Price:  $151.48

SKU: 107482

Price:  $12.15

SKU: 107389

Ev-peak AP606 DC Battery Balance Charger w/AC Adapter for RC Models

Ev-peak AP606 USB DC Battery Balance Charger for RC Models

Ev-peak AP606 DC Battery Balance Charger for RC Models No USB

LOONG-MAX E6 Multifunction Balancer Charger for RC Models

Price:  $61.11

SKU: 107491

Price:  $51.68

SKU: 107490

Price:  $50.45

SKU: 107489

Price:  $44.96

SKU: 106987

USB Charger Doctor Charging Current Voltage Tester Measurement Blue

2-10Cell 3V-15V Auto Detection NiMH and NiCD Battery Charger Black

MKS 5W 3 in 1 LCD Li-Po Li-Fe Battery Balancer Battery Discharger for RC Models

iCharger 406DUO Dual Port 1400W Multifunction Battery Charger 40A 6S

Price:  $3.21

SKU: 105916

Price:  $13.30

SKU: 105900

Price:  $14.67

SKU: 105272

Price:  $355.25

SKU: 104581

EV-Peak 1-8S 1000W Touch Screen Balance Charger/Discharger AK840

EV-PEAK 1-6S Touch Screen Multi Function Charger Discharger AK610AC Built-in Switch

EV-PEAK D680-Pro 1-6S 80W*2 Dual Output Synchronous Balance Charge Discharger

G.T.Power Portable Battery Charger 2-6S Lipo to USB Charger

Price:  $196.72

SKU: 104139

Price:  $121.56

SKU: 104138

Price:  $119.51

SKU: 104137

Price:  $12.38

SKU: 103745

IMAX RC B610 Pro High Efficiency Balance Charger Discharger for RC Models

G.T.Power X6D 6S Intelligent Battery Manager Nicd Nimh Lipo Balance Charger for RC Model

IMAX Upgraded B6AC Dual Power 80W Multi Functional Smart Balance Charger Discharger

IMAX B6AC 50W 5A Compact Intelligent Charger for 2S-6S Lipo NiMh RC Car Boat

Price:  $60.66

SKU: 103638

Price:  $73.20

SKU: 103749

Price:  $55.98

SKU: 103573

Price:  $62.13

SKU: 103572

IMAX RC B3 20W Compact Battery Balance Charger Intelligent Lipo Battery Charger 2-3S

CB86 Intelligent Lipo Balance Charger Discharger 8S for RC Model

B6 AC/DC Adapter 12V/6A Power Supply for RC Model LED Lighting LCD Monitor

G.T.Power Touch Screen 6S 200W Multifunction Balance Charger Discharger for RC Model

Price:  $20.73

SKU: 103571

Price:  $122.38

SKU: 103551

Price:  $17.63

SKU: 103451

Price:  $78.11

SKU: 103153

6S Balance Charger Lipo Battery Adaption Plate Extension Plate for Balance Multifunction Charger

iCharger 308DUO Dual Channel 30A 1300W Balance Charger/Discharger 2x8S

T690AC 90W Large Power LCD Touch Screen Digital Balance Charger Discharger

HobbyTiger BC-1S06 6 Ports 1S 3.7V Li-Po Battery Balance Charger 500mA w/12V 2A Power Adapter

Price:  $6.56

SKU: 103009

Price:  $321.80

SKU: 102685

Price:  $58.44

SKU: 102653

Price:  $26.93

SKU: 103194

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Posted by Lindsay Brown on 02/10/2009, 11:02
Involvement: - Ownership:more than 1 month
Price: *****
Ease of Use: *****
Build Quality: *****
Usefulness: *****
Overall Rating: *****
Pros:These IR Infrared 48 LED illuminator lights are fantanstic for lighting up a room at night.. I use two with a Sony Night vision camera and have great light for up to 40 feet away..