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Battery & Charger

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Ev-peak MH-8S AC Balance Charger NiMH Battery Charger 1-8S

Fatshark 1A 7.4V 1000mAH Li-Po Battery Pack w/Banana Lead Adapter

Ev-peak V3 AC Balance Charger 2S-3S for RC Models

Chargery BMS8 3-8S Lipo LiFePO4 Battery Management System

Price:  $15.82

SKU: 107487

Price:  $27.70

SKU: 107830

Price:  $15.82

SKU: 107486

Price:  $57.87

SKU: 107754

Ev-peak V3+ AC Balance Charger 2S-3S for RC Models

Ev-peak AK625 High Efficiency DC Balance Charger Discharger

Ev-peak N3-50W AC Balance Charger Built-in Power Supply for RC Models

Ev-peak AP606 DC Battery Balance Charger w/AC Adapter for RC Models

Price:  $19.84

SKU: 107485

Price:  $95.94

Out Of Stock
SKU: 107492

Price:  $45.30

SKU: 107484

Price:  $61.11

SKU: 107491

Ev-peak Multifunction AC DC Balance Charger Discharger Q6AC

Ev-peak AP606 USB DC Battery Balance Charger for RC Models

Linkman 7.4V-11.1V 2S-3S Lithium Battery Balance Charger w/Power Adapter

Ev-peak AP606 DC Battery Balance Charger for RC Models No USB

Price:  $151.48

SKU: 107482

Price:  $51.68

SKU: 107490

Price:  $12.15

SKU: 107389

Price:  $50.45

SKU: 107489

Ev-peak AK845 Touch Screen DC Balance Charger Dishcarger for RC Models

LOONG-MAX E6 Multifunction Balancer Charger for RC Models

SKYRC iMax B6 Mini 6S 6A Lipo Balance Multifunction Charger Discharger

USB Charger Doctor Charging Current Voltage Tester Measurement Blue

Price:  $186.72

SKU: 107488

Price:  $44.96

SKU: 106987

Price:  $43.08

Out Of Stock
SKU: 106457

Price:  $3.21

SKU: 105916

2-10Cell 3V-15V Auto Detection NiMH and NiCD Battery Charger Black

EV-PEAK 1-6S 4x100W Built-in Switch Power 4CH Output Balance Charger Q6400AC

MKS 5W 3 in 1 LCD Li-Po Li-Fe Battery Balancer Battery Discharger for RC Models

iCharger 406DUO Dual Port 1400W Multifunction Battery Charger 40A 6S

Price:  $13.30

SKU: 105900

Price:  $187.54

Out Of Stock
SKU: 105640

Price:  $14.67

SKU: 105272

Price:  $355.25

SKU: 104581

EV-PEAK 1-6S Touch Screen Multi Function Charger Discharger AK610AC Built-in Switch

EV-PEAK D680-Pro 1-6S 80W*2 Dual Output Synchronous Balance Charge Discharger

EV-Peak 1-8S 1000W Touch Screen Balance Charger/Discharger AK840

G.T.Power X6D 6S Intelligent Battery Manager Nicd Nimh Lipo Balance Charger for RC Model

Price:  $121.56

SKU: 104138

Price:  $119.51

SKU: 104137

Price:  $196.72

SKU: 104139

Price:  $73.20

SKU: 103749

G.T.Power Portable Battery Charger 2-6S Lipo to USB Charger

IMAX RC B610 Pro High Efficiency Balance Charger Discharger for RC Models

IMAX RC B3 20W Compact Battery Balance Charger Intelligent Lipo Battery Charger 2-3S

CB86 Intelligent Lipo Balance Charger Discharger 8S for RC Model

Price:  $12.38

SKU: 103745

Price:  $60.66

SKU: 103638

Price:  $20.73

SKU: 103571

Price:  $122.38

SKU: 103551

B6 AC/DC Adapter 12V/6A Power Supply for RC Model LED Lighting LCD Monitor

IMAX Upgraded B6AC Dual Power 80W Multi Functional Smart Balance Charger Discharger

IMAX B6AC 50W 5A Compact Intelligent Charger for 2S-6S Lipo NiMh RC Car Boat

T690AC 90W Large Power LCD Touch Screen Digital Balance Charger Discharger

Price:  $17.63

SKU: 103451

Price:  $55.98

SKU: 103573

Price:  $62.13

SKU: 103572

Price:  $58.44

SKU: 102653

HobbyTiger BC-1S06 6 Ports 1S 3.7V Li-Po Battery Balance Charger 500mA w/12V 2A Power Adapter

HobbyTiger BC-1S06 6 Ports 1S 3.7V Li-Po Battery Balance Charger 500mA

G.T.Power Touch Screen 6S 200W Multifunction Balance Charger Discharger for RC Model

6S Balance Charger Lipo Battery Adaption Plate Extension Plate for Balance Multifunction Charger

Price:  $26.93

SKU: 103194

Price:  $20.49

SKU: 103193

Price:  $78.11

SKU: 103153

Price:  $6.56

SKU: 103009

iCharger 308DUO Dual Channel 30A 1300W Balance Charger/Discharger 2x8S

V922 H377 3D 6 Channel RC Remote Control Helicopter Dual Battery Charger Combo

Cellpro PL8 PL6 Large Current Parallel Charging Board Balance Charge Board

C6P 1-6S High Efficiency Lithium Battery Balance Charger Discharger w/LCD Display

Price:  $321.80

SKU: 102685

Price:  $9.02

SKU: 102036

Price:  $47.58

SKU: 101600

Price:  $46.56

SKU: 101450

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Posted by Lindsay Brown on 02/10/2009, 11:02
Involvement: - Ownership:more than 1 month
Price: *****
Ease of Use: *****
Build Quality: *****
Usefulness: *****
Overall Rating: *****
Pros:These IR Infrared 48 LED illuminator lights are fantanstic for lighting up a room at night.. I use two with a Sony Night vision camera and have great light for up to 40 feet away..