HSGQ 1-CH Video + Rs232/485 Data Optical Transmitter & Receiver (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)

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HSGQ 1-CH Video + Rs232/485 Data Optical Transmitter & Receiver (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)

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  • HSGQ  1Ch Video+Rs232/485 Data  Optical Transmitter/Receiver adopts the most advanced technology in digital,video and fiber transmission which make the video signal,audio signal,data signal be transmitted in single fiber with synchronization,lossless,high efficiency transmission.We adopt the all-digital without compression,hence the high-quality video effiency can satisfy customers’ requirements.REPLACEing card .and quick operation design makes the installation be easy.The fiber mode and central electric circuit are improted from most advanced foreign country.All the optical interfaces and electrical interfaces meet the international standards ,being used for different working environment.

Product Characteristics

  • 10-digit coding and non-compression video transmission.
  • Supporting any high-resolution video signals.
  • Video bandwith:5Hz-10MHz
  • Automatically complying with PAL,NTSC,SECAM video formats.
  • APC circuit,constant optical output,wide dynamic range.
  • Maintenance without halt during the operation,which be hot-plug-in.
  • Gigabit fiber transmission,large capacity,easy upgrade.
  • Power supply and other parameters of the LED status indicator can be the operation of the surveillance.
  • Supporting video intact regenerative relay.
  • Advanced auto-adaptive technology avoiding on-site electric or optical adjustment.
  • Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility.
  • Being capable of auto resumption of power fuse/
  • Unique complete buit-in power supply design.

Wide application in:

  • The large-capacity Security System.
  • TV medical treatment.
  • Television telephone conference.
  • Building control system.
  • Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System(ITS)
  • Long-distance multimedia teaching /campus monitoring.
  • Long-distance broadcast television transmission system.

Video Features:

  • Number of channels:1
  • Video Interface:BNC
  • Video input/output impedance :75O(unbalanced)
  • Video input/output Voltage:1VP-P(peak value)
  • Video Bandwith:1-10MHz
  • Video sampling :15MHz high speed sampling.
  • Differential gain:(10%-90%APL) DG<1%(Typical value)
  • Differencial phase:(10%-90%APL) DP<0.7°(Typical value)
  • Signal to noise ratio=70dB(Maximum optical link path loss)

Data Features:

  • Data supports multi-channel forward,reverse and bi-directional Manchester.
  • Data interface:standard industrial connecting terminal.
  • Interface Signals:RS-232. RS-422. RS-485. Cayman code/Biphase . Switch signal (optional)
  • Baud Rate:0~256Kbps
  • Error Rate:=10?9

Audio Features:

  • Number of Channels:1
  • Audio interface:standard industrial connecting terminal.
  • Audio input/out impedance:600O(unbalanced/balanced)
  • Audio input/output voltage :2VP-P(peak value)
  • Audio bandwidth:20Hz-20kHz
  • Nonlinear distortion coefficient:=1%
  • SNR(weighted);S/N=85dB


  • Dimensions: 5.12 in x 4.33 in x 0.79 in
  • Weight: 27.06 oz

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