Laptop/PC Universal 2 Digits POST Diagnostic Test Card Analyzer for MINI PCI/LPT

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Laptop/PC Universal 2 Digits POST Diagnostic Test Card Analyzer for MINI PCI/LPT

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Motherboard Diagnostic Card, also known as a "POST Card" (Power On Self Test), is used to test & diagnose motherboard problems.
Laptop Diagnostic Card is a powerful diagnostic tool for technicians and administrators to troubleshoot various problems of compatible laptops by using the 25 pin parallel printer port (LPT) and USB port (for power) or most laptops using the miniPCI slot. With this card in hand, you no longer have to go through tedious and time consuming process of trying to figure out what is wrong with your hardware. Laptop Diagnostic Card will indicate exactly what is wrong with your laptop in just seconds. It can save time and money.
  - Adapts to Mini-PCI bus, will work without input from PCI clock
  - Mini-PCI bus is for laptop motherboards
  - Output from PRINTER PORT (need connect to USB port for power)
  - Displays 2 digits POST code
  - Your PC or Laptop may not support POST CODES from the printer port. Please check with PC or Laptop vendor before you purchase!
  - Most all laptop vendors have supported POST 80 from ISA and PCI slot since the inception of the laptop novelty, long before they introduced POST 80 codes into the printer port. Generally your looking at a time frame of laptops now-a-days only about one year old that support this new feature of being able to give you diagnostic information in the form of POST 80 from the printer port.
  - If your laptop is older than one year old, your stuck using the MINI-PCI method. Which involves opening the laptop case. For obvious reasons the laptop vendors seen a need to include POST 80 codes out the printer port but it's newer technology is not support in most all older laptops.
  - Even though the board sucessfully BOOTS and you still see a HEX CODE, that does not mean your board is broken.
The HEX code display the LAST ACTION of the bios. If the last thing the BIOS told the motherboard to do was turn on the keyboard interface, then that HEX will remain on the LED readout.
Package Includes:
  - 1 x Laptop Test Card
  - 1 x USB Cable
  - User's Manual

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