Magic DIY Crystal Growing Garden (Mercury)

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Magic DIY Crystal Growing Garden (Mercury)

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- Perfect novelty gift for your loved ones
- Grow crystals at home!
- Easy-to-use
- Comes with everything necessary to start growing
- Usage:
  1. With the measuring tool standing vertically up inside the glass bottle, add hot water into the bottle until the water level reaches the marking on the measuring tool.
  2. Pour all the contents in the "crystal powder" bag into water in the bottle.
  3. Stir using the measuring tool until the powder is fully dissolved.
  4. Take out the measuring tool. Wait for 3 minutes.
  5. While you wait, make a wish.
  6. Sink the "crystal seed" into the bottle.
  7. Seal the bottle with the original plug.
  8. After precisely 24 hours, remove the plug on the bottle (this is important).
  9. Wait until the "crystals" grow above the water level. After that, drain water and you are done growing yourself some crystals.

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