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NF388 Network Ethernet LAN Phone Tester Wire Tracker USB Coaxial Cable Test

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NF388 Network Ethernet LAN Phone Tester Wire Tracker USB Coaxial Cable Test

This set equips multiple tester ports (RJ45, RJ45 Loopback, RJ11 & BNC) and is designed to detect and test a wide range of cable and circuit status including 5E/6E, USB cable, coaxial cable, telephone wire, STP/UTP, jumper wire, open/short circuit, reverse connection . It can also be used to locate wiring errors and make dynamical cable length calibration and measurement.  
This instrument set is an ideal tool for technicians in installation and maintenance of weak current systems such as communication line and comprehensive wiring circuit. It is widely applicable to telephone systems, computer networks and other metal wire circuit and fields. With this set, only one person is enough to complete cable continuity check.
Features :
- 8 far-end test jacks (ID1~ID8) included
- Multiple tester ports (RJ45,  RJ45 Loopback, RJ11 &  BNC)
- Complete the cable continuity check in a quick and easy way
- Tracking & checking 5E, 6E, USB cable, coaxial cable, open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection
- Locating wiring or connection errors
- Determining cable length and distance of open circuit and short circuit
- Dynamically calibrating cable length and making length measurement as accurate as 97%
- Large LCD with backlight
- Portable with long battery life (standby mode for over 50 hours)
- Auto time-delay shut off
- Measuring length and determine the Determine the distance of open-circuit and short-circuit
- Locating cable with 8 far-end passive test jacks (ID 1- ID 8)
- Far-end recognizer with prompting voice
- Self-checking function and auto compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature
- Single board computer software watchdog design and reliable operation

- Item size:
    - Main tester: approx. 185 (L) x 105 (W) x 50 (D) mm (7.28' x 4.13' x 1.97' inch)
    - Receiver: approx. 218 (L) x 46 (W) x 29 (D) mm (8.58' x 1.81' x 1.14' inch)
- Type of Cable Tested: STP / UTP twin twisted cable, coaxial cable
- Type of Cable Detected: 5E, 6E, telephone wire, coaxial cable, USB cable and other metal wires
- Power: 9V battery (Not Included)
- Tester Port :
- Tester RJ45 master port (M), tester LOOPBACK RJ45 port (L), far-end recognizer RJ45 port (R).
- The extra BNC and RJ11 converters are used to measure and check the continuity of coaxial cable
- Scope: 1 ~ 350M (3 ~ 200 FT)
- Calibration accuracy: 3% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5 ft) (calibrating cable > 5 M)
- Shipment accuracy: 5% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5 ft) (AMP, AT&T Class 5 cable)
- Display: M or ft
- Length Measurement of Twin Twisted Cable:
- Length Calibration: User can set calibration factor by himself by a given length cable. The length of calibrating cable is more than 5M.
- Working Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ 60 °C (14 ~ 140 °F)

Package included:
- 1 x Main Tester
- 1 x Receiver
- 8 x Remote Identifiers with Far-end Test Jacks ID1~ID8
- 1 x Earphone
- 4 x Cables
- 1 x Carrying Bag
- 1 x Instruction Manual

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