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Open Source 3D DIY Scanner Laser Plate Kit w/Adapter Object For Ciclop Printer

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Open Source 3D DIY Scanner Laser Plate Kit w/Adapter Object For Ciclop Printer

- The 3D scanner is belongs to the desktop 3D scanner, and the scanner can not compare the industrial grade scanner,and is not suitable for complex irregular objects, only scanning objects close to the cylinder, the effect will be more ideal,with the quality of scanning objects and environment light and have a great relationship.
- It uses 2 lasers projected over an object to capture the geometry and texture as it rotates on a turntable.
- Easy to build.It requires manual set up, however this makes it possible to accurately calibrate the device for your intended use thus achieving optimum results for your particular task.
- The kit includes all the necessary components and a step-by-step assembly guide, enabling you to set it up in less than an hour.

- Name:DIY 3D Scanner Adapter Plate
- Scanning features: Scanning
- Color:Red
- Maximum supported weight:3Kg

Scanned object:
1.The object space volume greater than 5x5 cm (space diameter and height)
2.The object space volume is less than 20.3x20.3 cm
3.The object weight less than 3 kg
4.The object is stable
5.Opaque objects

Difficult to scan objects
1.The volume is less than 5x5 cm
2.Transparent objects (glass, plastic,etc.)
3.Luminous or strong reflective objects
4.Very dark targets and surface blurred objects (such as plush toys)

Do not scan objects
1.The volume is greater than 20.3x20.3 cm objects
2.Weight greater than 3 kg
3.Moving objects

Package included:
- 1 set of DIY 3D Scanner

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