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Pandora's Box 4s 680 in 1 JAMMA PCB Horizontal Arcade Multigame Board

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Pandora's Box 4s 680 in 1 JAMMA PCB Horizontal Arcade Multigame Board

2017's new release and upgrade from the 4th version of the Just Another Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box 4s is a 680 in 1 Multigame Classic Arcade JAMMA PCB for your horizontal displaying JAMMA cabinet.

This multigame PCB supports both CGA and VGA monitors.

Pandora's Box 4s is the latest release of the Pandora's Box series of mufti game JAMMA boards. This version is an upgrade from the Pandora's Box 4 and offers 35 additional games bringing the total to 680.

- Universal JAMMA Connector
- User Friendly Game Selection Screen
- Quarter/Token Option (For Free Play a credit switch is needed) 
- Supports CGA, VGA (high resolution) and HDMI
- Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc.)
- Enable/Disable Specific Games
- External Volume Adjustment Control
- Some cabinets may need to have JAMMA harness modified
- Pause game or escape to menu when in free play mode

Pandora's Box 4s can connect to a CRT or LCD monitor and can output CGA, VGA or HDMI. Pandora's Box is an ideal upgrade to an existing JAMMA cabinet or for a JAMMA arcade project.

- 680 in 1 Multi Game Board.
- CGA, VGA and HDMI output
- VGA needs to be at 1440x900 minimum resolution
- Easy installation via JAMMA and VGA connection.
- Built in mounting holes.

Game List:

Pandoras Box 4 Pandoras Box 4s
1941 1941
1942 1942
1943 1943
1943Kai 1943Kai
1944-The Loop Maste 1944-The Loop Maste
1945KIII 1945KIII
19XX 19XX
2020 Baseball 2020 Baseball
64Th Street 64Th Street
Acrobat Mission Acrobat Mission
Act-Fancer Act-Fancer
Aero Fighters Aero Fighters
Aero Fighters 2 Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3 Aero Fighters 3
Air Attack Air Attack
Air Buster Air Buster
  Air Duel 
Air Gallet Air Gallet
Alien Challenge Alien Challenge
Alien Storm Alien Storm
Alien Vs Predator Alien Vs Predator
Aliens Aliens
Alpha Mission II Alpha Mission II
Altered Beast Altered Beast 
Ambush Ambush
Amidar Amidar
Andro Dunos Andro Dunos
Aquajack Aquajack
Aquarium Aquarium
Arkanoid Arkanoid
Armed Police Batride Armed Police Batride
Armored Warriors Armored Warriors
Art Of Fighting Art Of Fighting 
Art Of Fighting 2 Art Of Fighting 2
Art Of Fighting 3 Art Of Fighting 3
Asuka & Asuka Asuka & Asuka 
Asura Blade Asura Blade
  Atomic Point
Aurail Aurail
Avenging Spirit Avenging Spirit
Back Street Soccer Back Street Soccer
Balloon Brothers Balloon Brothers
Bang Bang Busters Bang Bang Busters
Bang Bead Bang Bead
Baseball Stars Baseball Stars 
Baseball Stars 2 Baseball Stars 2
Batsugun Batsugun
Battle Bakraid Battle Bakraid
Battle Circuit Battle Circuit
  Battle City
Battle Flip Shot Battle Flip Shot
Battle Garegga Battle Garegga
Battle K-Road Battle K-Road
Bay Route Bay Route 
Bee Storm Bee Storm
Bells & Whistles Bells & Whistles
Berlin Wall Berlin Wall
Best Of Best Best Of Best
Bestri Bestri
Big Striker Big Striker
Bio-Ship Paladin Bio-Ship Paladin
Biomechanical Toy Biomechanical Toy
Black Heart Black Heart
  Black Tiger
  Blade Master
Blandia Blandia
Blaze On Blaze On
Blazing Star Blazing Star
Block Block Block Block
Block Carnival Block Carnival
Block Hole Block Hole
Blomby Car Blomby Car
Blood Bros Blood Bros
Blood Warrior Blood Warrior
Bloxeed Bloxeed
Blue Hawk Blue Hawk
Blue'S Journey Blue'S Journey
Bomb Jack Bomb Jack
Bomb Kick Bomb Kick
Bomber Man World Bomber Man World
  Bombjack Twin 
Bonk's Adventure Bonk's Adventure
  Bonze Adventure
Boogie Wings Boogie Wings
Bottom Of The Ninth Bottom Of The Ninth
Boulder Dash Boulder Dash
Bouncing Balls Bouncing Balls
Breakers Breakers
Breakers Revenge Breakers Revenge
Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble II Bubble Bobble II
burger time burger time
Burning Fight Burning Fight
Cadillacs&Dinosaurs Cadillacs&Dinosaurs
Cadillacs&Dinosaurs2 Cadillacs&Dinosaurs2
Capcom Sports Capcom Sports
Captain Commando Captain Commando
Captain Tomaday Captain Tomaday
Carrier Air Wing Carrier Air Wing
Caveman Ninja Caveman Ninja
centipede centipede
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Charlie Ninja Charlie Ninja
Chimera Beast Chimera Beast
  China Town 
Choky! Choky! Choky! Choky!
Circus Charlie Circus Charlie
  Come Back Toto
condor condor
Congo Bongo Congo Bongo
Contra Contra
Cookie & Bibi Cookie & Bibi
Cookie & Bibi 2 Cookie & Bibi 2
Cookie & Bibi 3 Cookie & Bibi 3
  Crazy Fight
Crossed Swords Crossed Swords
Crude Buste Crude Buste
Crush Crush 
Cth2003 Cth2003
Cth2003 Super Plus Cth2003 Super Plus
Cybattler Cybattler
Cyber-Lip Cyber-Lip
Cyberbots Cyberbots
Daioh Daioh
Dangun Feveron Dangun Feveron
Dark Kombat Dark Kombat
Dark Tower Dark Tower
Dead Connection Dead Connection
Demon's World Demon's World
Desert Breaker Desert Breaker
Diamond Run Diamond Run
Diet Go Go Diet Go Go
Dig Dug Dig Dug
Dig Dug 2 Dig Dug 2
Digger Man Digger Man
Dimahoo Dimahoo
Diver Boy Diver Boy
Dodonpachi Dai Dodonpachi Dai
Dodopachi Dodopachi
Dogyuun Dogyuun
Don Doko Don Don Doko Don
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong Junior
Donpachi Donpachi
Double Dragon Double Dragon
Double Dragon Double Dragon 
Double Dragon II Double Dragon II
Double Dragon III Double Dragon III
Double Dragon Plus Double Dragon Plus
  Dragon Breed
Dragon Unit Dragon Unit
Dragonball Z Dragonball Z
Dragonball Z 2-Super Battle Dragonball Z 2-Super Battle
Dragonninja Dragonninja
Dream Soccer 94 Dream Soccer 94
Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons II Dungeons & Dragons II
Dynasty Wars Dynasty Wars
E-Swat - Cyber Police E-Swat - Cyber Police
Earth Defense Force Earth Defense Force
Eco Fighters Eco Fighters
Edward Randy Edward Randy
Eight Forces Eight Forces
Eight Man Eight Man 
Esp Ra.De. Esp Ra.De.
Espgaluda Espgaluda
Euro Champ Euro Champ
  Explosive Breaker
Extreme Downhill Extreme Downhill
F-1 Dream F-1 Dream
Fancy World Fancy World
Fatal Fury Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2 Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 3 Fatal Fury 3
Fatal Fury Special Fatal Fury Special
Fight Feve Fight Feve
Final Fight Final Fight
Final Tetris Final Tetris
Fire Hawk Fire Hawk
Fix Eight Fix Eight
Flying Tiger Flying Tiger 
Football Champ Football Champ
Football Frenzy Football Frenzy
Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds
Frogger Frogger
  Funky Jet 
Gaia Crusaders Gaia Crusaders
Galaga Galaga
galaga'88 galaga'88
Galaga3 Galaga3
Galaxian Part 1 Galaxian Part 1
Galaxian Part 2 Galaxian Part 2
Galaxy Fight Galaxy Fight
Galmedes Galmedes
Gang Busters Gang Busters
Ganryu Ganryu
  Genix Family
Ghost Pilots Ghost Pilots
Ghosts'n'Goblins Ghosts'n'Goblins
Ghouls'n Ghosts Ghouls'n Ghosts
Giga Wing Giga Wing
Goal!Goal!Goal! Goal!Goal!Goal!
Golden Axe Golden Axe
Got-Cha Mini Game Got-Cha Mini Game
Gowcaizer Gowcaizer
Grind Stormer Grind Stormer
Growl Growl
Guardian Storm Guardian Storm
Guardians Guardians
Gulf Storm Gulf Storm
Gun.Smoke Gun.Smoke
Gunbarich Gunbarich
Gunbird Gunbird
Gunbird 2 Gunbird 2
Gundamex Gundamex
Gundhara Gundhara
Gunnail Gunnail
Gururin Gururin
Guwange Guwange
Gyruss Gyruss
  Hammerin' Harry
Hard Head Hard Head
Hatch Catch Hatch Catch
Head Panic Head Panic
Hellfire Hellfire
Hook Hook
Hotdog Storm Hotdog Storm 
Huo Fenghuang Huo Fenghuang
Hyper Pacman Hyper Pacman
Hyper Street Fighter II Hyper Street Fighter II
In The Hunt In The Hunt
J.J. Squawkers J.J. Squawkers
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan
  Jackie Chan 2
Joe & Mac Returns Joe & Mac Returns 
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Jojo's Venture Jojo's Venture
JR Pacman JR Pacman
Jump Kids Jump Kids
Jumping Pop Jumping Pop
Juno first Juno first
Kabuki Klash Kabuki Klash
Kabuki Klash Boss Kabuki Klash Boss
Karate Blazers Karate Blazers
Karian Cross Karian Cross
Karnodv'S Revenge Karnodv'S Revenge
King Of Gladiator King Of Gladiator
King Of The Monsters King Of The Monsters
King Of The Monsters 2 King Of The Monsters 2
Kingdom Grandprix Kingdom Grandprix
Kizuna Encounter Kizuna Encounter
Knights Of The Round Knights Of The Round
Knights Of The Round2 Knights Of The Round2
Knights Of Valour Knights Of Valour
Knights Of Valour 2 Knights Of Valour 2
  Knights of Valour 2 Dragons
Knights Of Valour 2 Plus Knights Of Valour 2 Plus
Knights Of Valour Plus Knights Of Valour Plus
Knights Of Valour Splus Knights Of Valour Splus
Knights Of Valour Super Heroes Knights Of Valour Super

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