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PN-F Wire Network Tracker Toner Probe Cable Tester Finder Fluke Style + 9V Battery

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PN-F Wire Network Tracker Toner Probe Cable Tester Finder Fluke Style + 9V Battery

- Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch/router/PC terminal
- Directly insert telephone wire with RJ11 plug into the RJ11, RJ45 plug into the RJ45 socket of the wire trackers emitter
- Push DIP switch of emitter to position of SCAN/TEST then wire finding indicator status flashes meaning normal work of emitter
- Press downward the inching button
- Use the probe of receiver to find target wire at the other end
- During testing, function switchover button can be pressed for switchover of dual-tone
- Finding function: for telephone, network and electric wires
- Collation function
- Open or short circuits testing functions
- DC level testing function
- Telephone line signal detect
- Low-voltage alarm function
- Earphone function
- Spotlight function
- Telecom post bureaus/net bars/telecom engineering companies/network engineering companies/ power supplies/army and other departments requiring wire

- Power supply: 9V DC battery (included)
- Signal transmission format: multiple frequency impulse
- Distance of signal transmission: >3km
Package Included:
- 1 X PN-F Wire Tracker Toner and Probe Network Cable Tester
- 1 X RJ11 telephone cable
- 1 X Cable with crocodile clamp
- 1 X RJ45 network cable
- 1 X earphone
- 1 X User Manual
- 2 X 9V DC battery

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