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Pump Electric High Pressure 30MPa Air Compressor System Rifle PCP Air Gun 220V

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Pump Electric High Pressure 30MPa Air Compressor System Rifle PCP Air Gun 220V

- Name: High pressure pneumatic pump
- Voltage:  220V-240V 50Hz
- Power: 1.80KW
- Working pressure: 300BAR/ 30MPA/ 4500PSI
- Work flow: 50L/min
- Material: Aluminum
- Product size: 360*180*370 mm / 14.17*7.09*14.56inch
- Package size: 49*50*32CM
- Inflating speed:  2800r/min
- Noise: MAX 78DB
- Weight: 22.0Kg
- Filling Time: 10mins per 1L tank Valve Quantity
- Cooling System: water cooling

- The product should be placed at a place that it couldn’t be touched by children.
-  Please do not use it in moist and flammable place.
-  Please do not modify it arbitrarily, disassembling and repair by non-technical personnel is not allowed.
- Make sure the socket could withstand a current greater than 8A before using it, or the circuit might be burnt, the product might be damaged and the dangers may be caused due to overload of the socket.
- Please do not touch the head section after the machine was just being used, so as to not be burnt by high temperature.
- Please do not leave without authorized, or the product might be damaged by increasingly rising pressure, sustained overload motor,even halt due to the operation pressure has reached but it is not turned off timely.
- When it is used for inflating slightly larger container, the cooling water should be changed every 30 minutes, in this way, the cylinder temperature could be better controlled.
- The machine oil should be checked regularly, make sure the oil level is above the upper edge of the red point. If color of machine oil becomes dark and black, it should be changed in time.
(46# anti-wear hydraulic oil of the national standard is recommended) 
Package included:
- 1x High pressure pneumatic pump
- 2x pump hosts
- 1x Certificate of qualification
- 1x high pressure hose quick connect mother head
- 1x cooling water pump
- 1x spare parts with a bag
- 2x Pressure screw two pieces
- 1x Water pipes
- 1x Shockproof pad
- 1x External separator

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