Rigol DS1064B- 5.7"TFT QVGA 64K Color LED 60MHz 4-Channels Digital Oscilloscpe

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Rigol DS1064B- 5.7"TFT QVGA 64K Color LED 60MHz 4-Channels Digital Oscilloscpe

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 Rigol DS1064B Description

 DS1064B series products are four-channel plus an external trigger oscilloscpes which can capture multi-channel signals at the same time to meet the industrial needs. The powerful triggering and analysis features, and mathematical functions, plus the clear LCD display make waveform capture, observation and analysis fast and easy.
- Four analog channels, 60MHz bandwidth, 2GSa/s real-time sample rate (10 GSa/s equivalent-time sample rate).
- 5.7"TFT QVGA(320X*240), 64K color LED backlighted display with power save mode.
- Waveform storage, set up storage, 8-bit maps, 24-bit bitmap, PNG storage, CSV storage
- Advanced trigger modes: edge, video, pulse width, Alternate and pattern trigger.
- Multiple interface configurations: Standard configuration USB Host and USB device, supports USB flash drive, LAN(LXI-C Compliant). USB-GPIB configuration.

Application Areas:
- Electronic circuit design and debug
- Transient signals detection
- Manufacturing Test and Quality Control
- Education and Research & Development
- Industrial Control
- Electrical Test and Quality Control



Model DS1064B
Bandwidth 60 MHz
Analog Channels 4
Real-time Sample Rate 2 GSa/s(half channle*) 1 GSa/s(each channel)
Equivalent Sample Rate 10 GSa/s
Memory Depth 16 kpts(half channel) 8 kpts(each channel)
Standard Interface USB Host (2) & Device, LAN
Optional Interface USB-GPIB Adaptor
Product Category Desktop Digital Oscilloscope
Dimension Width×Height×Depth=325mm×159mm×133mm
Weight 3 kg
NOTES:"half channel"means choose only only one channel from CH1/CH2, or CH3/CH4

Standard Accessories:

Packing Kits bag

Passive probe×2

Power Cord

CD Rom (include user manual and UltraScope software)



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