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NFC ACR122U RFID Contactless Smart Reader & Writer/USB + SDK + Mifare IC Card


DJI Manifold Mini Embedded Computer Quad-Core Processor for Onbaord SDK

DJI Guidance SDK Visual Sensing System with 5 Sensor Module & 1 Central Processor for RC Multicopter

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Friendly Arm 1G Tiny210 SDK2 Cortex A8 Samsung S5PV210 Tiny210 Board

Kingspec 1.8" SATA SSDKSD-SA18.5-128MJ 7*6*8.3 Solid State Drive for Notebook-128GB

Kingspec 1.8" SATA SSDKSD-SA18.5-064MJ 7*6*8.3 Solid State Drive for Notebook-64GB

Kingspec 1.8" SATA SSDKSD-SA18.5-032MJ 7*6*8.3 Solid State Drive for Notebook-32GB

Price:  $103.11

SKU: 88508

Price:  $168.69

SKU: 82552

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SKU: 82550

Kingspec 1.8" SATA SSDKSD-SA18.5-016MJ 7*6*8.3 Solid State Drive for Notebook-16GB

Kingspec 2.5" PATA MLC SSDKSD-PA25.1-016MJ IDE44 Solid State Drive 4 Channel-16GB

16 CH DVR CARD 8 CH real time 240 FPS SAA7130 with SDK

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Price:  $85.57

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