SF3000S Pro Digital Satellite Finder Meter

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SF3000S Pro Digital Satellite Finder Meter SF3000S Pro Digital Satellite Finder Meter

SF3000S Pro Digital Satellite Finder Meter

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SF3000S Pro Digital Satellite Finder Meter

The SF3000S Digital Satellite Finder Meter is an innovative professional satellite identification and alignment meter. This device is easy to operate. The signal strength and picture quality (BER) meter will speed up and improve your dish installation.

It communicates with the satellite's digital transmissions with "Unique Satellite Information Data" (USID). While most pointing devices only give you a general idea that there are indeed satellites in the sky and allow you to peak the signal, the SF3000S takes you one step further by positively identifying the satellite.

After selecting a country and city, the Finder Master Software will calculate the parameters to adjust the satellite dish automatically. The parameters include Azimuth, Elevation, and Polarization. They are displayed in graphic and table mode.

This information can be downloaded by the RS-232 cable provided, from your PC to your SF-3000S easily and effectively to locate the satellites from your destination.
The SF-3000S has USB Connect Port so as to transmit data with your PC conveniently, which is the primary amelioration compared with the SF-3000.

Key Features:
Total software upgrade
Software stored in Flash memory for later upgrade
Pre-programmed with most regionally used satellites
Signal strength and Bit Error Rate (Picture Quality) displayed simultaneously.
Easy reading LCD display.
Up to 80 satellites may be programmed.
Bar-graph for Signal Strength
Bar-graph for BER (Picture Quality).
Satellite settings store in non-volatile EPROM
Short circuit proof on LNB output.
Internal battery powers the LNB
Works with all stander, universal, linear (DVB) and circular (DSS) polarity LNBs
Weight approx less than 2 lbs.
Size approx: 9.84in W x 4.72in H x 2.36in D (250 x 120 x 60 mm)
Set satellite's related parameter which includes LNB frequency and working voltage (mode of polarization), satellite downstream frequency, symbol ate, 22K situation etc.
AZ, EL, and PO self-calculated for providing initial dish set-ups.
Align dish without IR/D, TV and power.
In alignment process, once a satellite is found by setting related parameter, we can adjust the dish's orientation and pitching angle according to inside audible tone.
Measure RF signal level, bit error rate, carrier-to-noise rate and current.
Provides special software that can be used to check local position. AZ, EL, and PO for almost all big cities around the world in alignment process of a certain satellite.
Plans can be downloaded from a certain website by RS232 port.
USB Connect to PC.

DC power supply: DC4.8V rechargeable battery
Working time: 3 - 4 hours
Charging time: 4 - 5hours
Power adapter input: AC110V / 60Hz / 220V / 50Hz
Power adapter output: 10.5VDC 1000mA
Display: 124 x 64 wide-range temperature liquid crystal display
Audio output: build-in speaker
Port: USB (default)
Switch: 22 KHz support
Package Contents:
- SF3000S Digital Satellite Finder Set
- Special power supply adapter
- RF input connector GMHF-L9.5-JK
- Data cable
- Instrument bag
- Operator's manual
- Quick Start Guide

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