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SUNHANS eSunRC 3000mW UAV WiFi Signal Booster 2.4Ghz 35dBm WiFi SHRC24G3WP

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SUNHANS eSunRC 3000mW UAV WiFi Signal Booster 2.4Ghz 35dBm WiFi SHRC24G3WP

Features & Description
- The Sunhans family of Wi-Fi Signal Boosters are designed for use in a variety of mobile and wireless networking applications. They offer the most consistent signal amplification available for Wi-Fi networks. Designed for bi-directional signal amplification Sunhans boosters allow for the use of virtually any 2.4 GHz antenna utilizing an SMA-Male connector. Also the lightweight and low profile design makes these boosters ideal  for mounting on RC UAV controllers or in other space constrained applications.

- Sunhans’s 2.4GHz Inline Signal Booster efficiently increases signal range of any antenna by up to 200%-500% all while maintaining high data throughput rates. This signal boosting functionality adds up to 16dB of transmit gain and 12dB of receive gain, resulting in a farther reaching signal and better connectivity. Results may vary depending on environmental factors, interference, cable length and type, etc.

- These boosters are perfect for maximizing the range of your DJI, 3DR Solo, or Yuneec drones when used in conjunction with a long range antenna such as those manufactured by DBS Mods, It- Elite, FPVLR, and Toughleash.

- REXUAV is the official US Distributor for Sunhans, so you can expect quality English customer service and support. We carry a large inventory and our orders ship from the greater Houston, Texas area. We are engineers and drone pilots, so you can be assured of the best support.

- Model: SH- RC24G3W   
- Operating Range:2.4~2.5 GHz
- Operating Mode:Bi-directional, half-duplex, time division duplex senses RF, carrier from transmitter and automatically switch receiving to transmitting mode. 
- Connector Type:SMA Receptacle 50ohm,To radio SMA female(hole inside),To antenna RP-SMA female(pin inside)
- Input Power:0~20 dBm
- Transmit Gain:15-18dB
- Output Power:3000mW (35dBm)
- Receiver Gain:≤ 12 dB
- Noise Figure:≤3.5 dB typical
- Support Standard: IEEE 802.11/b/g/n
- Frequency Response:±1dB over operating range
- Supported voltages: 5V~16V/2A DC
- Operating Temperature:-20°C to + 70°C
- Operating Humidity:Up to 75% relative humidity
- Material:Cast Aluminum
- Booster Weight:46g
- Package Weight: 180g
- Booster Size:7.3 x 4 x 1cm
- Package Size:110 x 80 x 46cm

Package included:
- 1 x SH-RC24G3W eSunRc WiFi booster
- 1 x RG141 20cm cable SMA male to RP-SMA male
- 1 x DC 2.5” to 12V 5.5” adapter
- 1 x DC 2.5” to USB adapter
- 1 x DC 2.5” to JST adapter
- 1 x Mounting Velcro
- 1 x Documentation

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