Walkera 83 2.4GHz Gas RC Helicopter W/ 2801 Transmitter

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Walkera 83 2.4GHz Gas RC Helicopter W/ 2801 Transmitter Walkera 83 2.4GHz Gas RC Helicopter W/ 2801 Transmitter

Walkera 83 2.4GHz Gas RC Helicopter W/ 2801 Transmitter Walkera 83 2.4GHz Gas RC Helicopter W/ 2801 Transmitter

Walkera 83 2.4GHz Gas RC Helicopter With 2801 Transmitter

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Enter the realm of Nitro Power with the compact Walkera #83 - one of the smallest nitro helicopters in its class! The Walkera #83 uses a .15 class nitro engine, which is a relatively small yet very powerful motor, allowing full 3D flight capabilities, along with excellent performance. As for size, the Walkera #83 is larger than a 450 class electric heli, yet Walkera #83 is smaller than a 500 class electric heli, which makes this 3D machine one of the smallest sized nitro heli's available!
Walkera has done an excellent job developing Walkera #83 Nitro Helicopter - a Ready To Fly package, featuring cutting edge designs & excellent functionality, such as a battery indicator, high quality gyro,high performance rudder servo, (3) high speed metal gear cylic servos, external ignition coil for ease of access, engine fan, 4.8V NiMh battery pack with charger, along with many other excellent features. In short, all you need to fly is a starter anf fuel, and you will be in the air in no time at all!
Along with an excellent design, Walkera has added high quality components with the Walkera #83, such as an anodized aluminum,CNC machined main rotor & tail rotor, which adds strength, precision & style. The main rotor of Walkera #83 also incorporates adjustability, allowing for tuning for your personal flying style - a great feature that allows you to "custom tune" the way your helicopter behaves in flight.
Featuring Walkera's latest 2.4Ghz technology, the included WK-2801 8 Channel Pro Transmitter is fully adjustable & programmable, allowing you to digitally program throttle curves, pitch curves, swashplate settings, servo reversing, and much, much more. Incorporating an easy to read LCD screen, 8 Model Memory for other aircraft, and the ability to support helicopters, airplanes & sailplanes, this 2.4Ghz digital transmitter is feature packed & ready for flight!
For those looking for Ready to Fly nitro performance in a compact, fun to fly package, the Walkera #83 Nitro is an excellent helicopter that will bring thrilling 3D performance in fun, all in one easy & affordable package

Description of Walkera #83:

  • All-up Weight: 1100g (Without fuel)
  • 20g Servo: WK-020-2
  • Rudder Servo: WK-4004
  • Walkera #83 Receiver: RX-2801
  • Gyro: WK-G011
  • Battery: 4.8V 1300mAh Ni-MH
  • Walkera #83 Transmitter: WK-2801
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 175 mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 900 mm
  • Walkera #83 Overall Length: 820 mm
  • Engine: WK-15A

Features of Walkera #83 :

  • CCPM mixing control system and collective pitch structure for Walkera #83 make perfect 3D aerobatics like roll, swoop and inverted flight.
  • Aluminum rotor head and swashplate plus fiber main frame Walkera 83 are built with legerity and novelty.
  • The Walkera #83 autorotation landing system, made of high quality one-way bearing, minimizes damage to your helicopter during unplanned landing.
  • Tail blades driven by belt prove easy adjustment, stable flight and low noise.
  • 15A class fuel engine for Walkera #83 is highly accurate and powerful.
  • WK-2801 LCD transmitter, with adjustable pitch (PIT) parameter, rudder mixing, throttle curve & servo exponential, makes flight more stable and precise.

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