Wireless Autodial Home Burglar LCD Alarm System 50E

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Wireless Autodial Home Burglar LCD Alarm System 50E

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M-50: Main unit C-01: Remote controller
M-50 Screen Built-in battery C-01
W-01: Wireless movement detector W-02: Wireless door/window detector S-01-A: Wired external siren L-01: Telephone line  
W-01 W-02 S-01-A L-01  
A-02-1: European standard power adapter (fit for France, Germany, Belgium etc.) A-02-2: Unite States standard adapter (fit for US, Canada etc.) A-02-3: British standard power adapter (fit for UK, New Zealand etc.) A-02-4: Australian standard power adapter (fit for Australia etc.)
Note: For the main unit M-50A or other accessories, we can supply standard plugs for various countries or areas.
  • Suitable for house, shop, garage, farm, office and factory etc.
  • Easy to install.
  • No monthly monitoring fee
  • An external wired siren (115dB)
  • The main unit can work for 12 hours with built-in backup battery when AC power is cut off.
  • 64 wireless zones and 8 wired zones
  • LCD screen display all states
  • Password protection
  • Automatically Arm / Disarm according to the preset time
  • Inquire alarming messages
  • Two arming states: Ordinary arming (arming all zones) and Home arming (arming partial zones)
  • Two alarm modes: loud mode and mute mode
  • Working distance of detectors: >100M (Open field)
  • Can record 10 seconds personal alarming voice message
  • Can call automatically 8 preset phone numbers (including mobile phone) when system alarms
  • Can call via GSM network with a GSM transceiver (optional)
  • Long-distance Arm / Disarm / Monitor / Trigger or silence the siren by fixed phone or mobile phone
  • Phone line Anti-Cut Monitoring: Alarm for cutting off the phone line
  • Wireless doorbell function
  • Programmable Entry Delay, Exit Delay and Siren Time
  • Can install maximum 99 wireless detectors
Package Content:
  • 1 X Main unit with built-in backup battery (M-50)
  • 1 X Power adapter (A-02, for M-50)
  • 6 X Wireless Infrared Movement detector (W-01)
  • 6 X Wireless Door/Window detector (W-02)
  • 2 X Remote control (C-01)
  • 1 X Wired external siren (S-01-A)
  • Batteries for all detectors and remote controls
  • 1 X Telephone line (L-01)
  • 1 X Expanding lines and resistances (L-02, for wired detectors)
  • 1 X User Manual

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