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Wireless Bluetooth Air Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard for Phone Tablet PC Laptop Black

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Wireless Bluetooth Air Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard for Phone Tablet PC Laptop Black

- Superior Portabilit
- English QWERTY keyboard layou
- Supports USB interface and Bluetooth, and mobile devices is very convenient link
- Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery, easy to move and carr
- Compatible with the latest equipment Windos XP / VISTA / 7/8, Windows Phone 7, IOS4 / 5/6 (iPhone and Ipad) Android 4.0 and later, Max OS X.

- Pattern: Laser keyboard
- Color: Black
- Keyboard light source: Red laser diode
- Keyboard layout: Approx.19mm sized QWERTY layout
- Projection size: Approx.110mm(H)*250mm(W)
- Projected Keyboard location: Approx.100mm from keyboard device
- Required projection surface:Non-reflective,opaque flat surface

Electrical Characteristics:
- Recognition Speed: Over 350 characters per minute
- Operation Surface:Any opaque flat surface
- Physical Dimension: 40*20*78mm
- Weight: Approx. 70g
- Keyboard language:English
- Charger:Rating 1A @ 5V
- Battery capacity:Polymer rechargeable battery,1000mAH(Max)@3.7V
- Battery working time:120 minutes
- Battery charging time:200 minutes
- Keystroke Sound: built in buzzer(Mute on/off the sound)
- Visibility: Good contrast up to 1800 lux ambient illumination
- Effective key stroke: Approx. 2mm
- USB interface :USB 1.1 and 2.0.USB HID Ver.1.0
- Bluetooth:v3.0(class2),HID Profile Ver.1.0
- Frequency Range:2402-2480MHz
- Channel:79
- Modulation:GFSK
- Working Temperature:Approx.-10~40°C/90%RH
- Storage Temperature:Approx.-20~40°C/~90%RH

Although this equipment is classified as Class 2  laser product, for your safety, do not directly expose your eyes to pattern projection beams or infrared rays.
- For safety reasons, be sure to use only the micro USB  to USB cable specified for this product.
- Make sure to fully charge the battery before using the product for the first time. 3. Battery charging times may vary slightly depending on the ambient temperature.
- The battery may not be charged to 100 percent of its rated cell capacity even when the charging indicate LED goes out.
- Using or storing the battery in high temperature, humidity and pressure environments may cause the battery to explode.
- Since the battery is a consumable item, its storage capacity decreases gradually as time passes.

Package included:
- 1xVirtual Laser Keyboard
- 1xUSB cable
- 1xUser manual

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